Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 14!

Hello readers, the last poll of the Heats is closed and now we have ALL the qualifiers for the next round, the semifinals, here are the Results!

3rd place with 3 points: Denmark

2nd place with 4 points: Ireland

1st place with 15 points: Bosnia & Herzegovina! Maya is the last qualifier! Good luck!

The draw for the semifinals will be published on Eurovision Battle 2012!


4 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 14!

  1. Hahahhahahahahahhahaahahahaah this made my day!! Hahahhahahah! 😀

    In Baku maybe this will happen but only if Shevek and Toggie are he only jury in whole ESC! LOOOL xD hilarious!

    • But Marko, Toggie and Shevek are only two people. Even if you factor in Donnie and I, you still have eleven other votes to account for. After all, we can’t vote multiple times.

      Not to mention that Bosnia is a favorite to do well in ESC, not win the competition but to do well overall. Compared to Denmark, which is also expected to do well but isn’t as favored and Ireland, which most agree shouldn’t do as well as last year, it makes sense that Bosnia would win.

      • Hmmmm…who’s gonna vote for B&H In Baku, only diaspora like almost always..pfff..that is why it is expected to do OK, nothing else… :/

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