OGAE Portugal: Sweden 12 points!

The Portuguese OGAE Club has casted their votes, they are the sixth club to reveal their voting.

They gave their 12 points to Sweden, What a surprise hehe, then the 10 points were for Spain, and the 8 points were to Serbia.

Here are the full votes

  • 12 Sweden
  • 10 Spain
  • 8 Serbia
  • 7 Iceland
  • 6 Italy
  • 5 Cyprus
  • 4 Germany
  • 3 Estonia
  • 2 France
  • 1 Switzerland

And these are the current standings:

1. Sweden 65

2. Iceland 45

3. Serbia 35

=. Spain 35

5. Cyprus 22

6. Italy 14

7. Estonia 13

8. Romania 12

9. Russia 11

=. Switzerland 11

=. France 11

12. The Netherlands 10

=. Norway 10

14. Greece 9

15. Denmark 7

=. United Kingdom 7

17. Slovakia 4

=. Germany 4

19. San Marino

=. Macedonia

=. Latvia

22. Albania 2

23. Finland 1


15 comments on “OGAE Portugal: Sweden 12 points!

  1. OGAE fans have the same taste everywhere. They are probably the most globalised segment of society. Sorry, not globalised … but Swedenised … or Björkmanised … 😉 🙂

    • @togravus

      Watch out, rumours says that Björkman is planning a coup d’etat against Jan Ola Sand, and then we will have a MF-ised Eurovision with a balloon-waving audience and everything. 😉

      But you never know about Christer. In the preview show last week, he stated that “Lane moje” was his third favourite Eurovision entry of all time.

      • LOL …

        How was the preview show? And which songs were the experts favourites? Here in Germany the ‘expects’ have ranked Hungary and Russia top, followed by Turkey, Norway, Austria and Sweden. Well, they are mostly middle aged gay men who have lost contact with contemporary music (or think that ESC should always remain its own universe of schlager, europop and shake it! bliss) and love everything they can shake it too. We got statements like “This is probably the best song this year but I don’t like ballads. Because I understand that it is very good, I give 4/12” (Albania) or “To tell you the truth, this is lame and underwhelming, but it is Sweden. My religion does not allow to give Sweden less than 10/12 ever. 10/12!”. You certainly cannot take those guys seriously …

  2. Well, it was a quite nice show, though I think most of hem gave a quiet anonymous appearence. Funny though, Christer told us TV-viewers in the beginning that we shouldn’t be upset by their comments, since it was just meant for fun and so on…
    They could give 0 to 5 points to each entry and the result was like this:

    Finland 18
    Romania 17
    Iceland 14
    Switzerland 14
    Montenegro 12
    Greece 12
    Albania 9
    Latvia 6
    Belgium 3

    In my opinion, way too nice towards Romania and way too harsh towards Albania. They thought Montenegro was funny, Greece was cheap and Latvia horrible (though Thomas Lundin saved it from the bottom, since he considered it to be a “nice bagatelle”). In the end, they also started their down-counting in their “Top 3 ESC songs of all time”, in which Christer Björkman chose “Lane moje” and Lena Philipsson chose “Didai didai dai” (Turkey 1985)…

    • Thanks for the info. 7th place for Albania is not bad at all imo. If Rona gets that result in Baku, I will be delighted and celebrating. 🙂
      Interesting choice by Lena Philipsson. Kudos! I have always preferred “Sufi” though.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to comment: the German show sounded really hilarious by what you tell. The first comment sounds like our own Marie Serneholt who were in the panel in 2009 and 2010 and never gave high points to any ethnic stuff, since that wasn’t her kind of music… Were these guys famous celebreties or did they have any connection with Eurovision?

    • Well, in Germany we do not have a show but 3 to 4 minutes long video interviews on NDR’s official site, 42 videos once they have covered all songs which they haven’t done yet. In every clip only one expert is interviewed, and thus the results largely depend on which expert gets which song. So far, there have been 5 experts. The most sensible one is Peter Urban, who has been our ESC commentator since 1997, has a PhD in music and normally knows what he is talking about. In contrast to most other ‘experts’ (and ESC fans in general) he does not live in a black and white world where everything is a matter of love or hate either. He gives 4 to 8 points to most songs which is pretty adequate imo. Then we have a female radio moderator who has just showed up. She seems to all right too and gave the 12/12 to Hungary (judged on the official video clip and thus ignoring live vocals). She gave only gave 1/12 to Spain which was a bit harsh imo but I have always known that ‘Quédate conmigo’ is far too shouty and melodramatic for German taste, at least when it comes to radio people. Btw, if one of the gay guys had got Hungary, Compact Disco would probably not have scored more than 5/12. And then there are the 2 silly radio guys who show up dressed as one of the Babushki when discussing Russia and give high points to abysmal stuff like Russia or Austria. They obviously want ESC to be a circus without any musical credibility and at the same time sound condescending all the time. (= Exactly the kind of pathological ESC fan I cannot stand.) And then we have just got a 5th expert, a younger radio guy who only discussed one song so far. Unfortunately, I do not remember which one. Finally, it is obvious that nobody has told our experts on which criteria to vote. Peter Urban obviously votes according to the chances of the respective songs in ESC whereas the others simply give 10 or 12 to everything they get their knickers in a twist about. Well, well … famous German organisation skills.

      • Wow, that sounded messy… So they don’t judge all songs together? Shouty and melodramatic stuff ain’t that popular in Sweden either. And that’s probably Germany’s fault, bringing Lutheranism over us with its ascetic and anti-ritualic worldview, LOL. If we want shouting, we want it with a stripped arrangement like Caroline af Ugglas and Hungary 2007, and not like Croatia 1999 for example.

        BTW, it’s a new episode of our Swedish preview show tonight. Interesting to see what they will think about Buranovskiiye Babushki and “the social network”…

  4. “And that’s probably Germany’s fault, bringing Lutheranism over us with its ascetic and anti-ritualic worldview.”

    LOL indeed. I am nominally a Protestant but much more the Mediterranean type when it comes to music, food, light and most other things in life. From Scandinavia I probably like crime fiction best. 🙂

    Looking forward to your reports on the Swedish preview shows. 🙂

  5. I have watched all performances from Amsterdam, many are poor, some are playback, audience is very loud and when the ballads are performed we can’t hear singer’s sometimes…quite weak concert, but there are some nice performances like: Bulgaria (clothes so so), Latvia, Romania (but playback) and San Marino (I”ll definitely vote for Valentina Monetta – choreography is so great LOOL 😛 :D) she is always in blue clothes LOL 😀

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