Introducing 2012: Turkey!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Can Bonomo

Can Bonomo started playing guitar at the age of 8, when he was introduced to music with the inspiration of his neighbour. Throughout his secondary school and university years, Bonomo, together with amateur music bands, staged several concerts in Izmir and Istanbul. Finally he said, “I’m ready”, stepped up to the plate and started working on his first album. Following two years of hard work, in January 2011, Can Bonomo’s first album, “Meczup”, was released.

Can Bonomo, who is a native of Izmir, has been involved with music since his secondary school and high school years. At the age of 17; Bonomo decided to move to Istanbul and entered into the music business as a sound engineer. Bonomo studied at the Department of Film and Television in Bilgi University, during which he dj’d at Radyo Klas, Number One FM and Radio N101. After working on the radio, Bonomo moved into television and produced TV shows at Number One TV and MTV.

Can Bonomo’s music changed dimension when he wrapped up his demo cd into the cover page of a book and sent it to Can Saban. Can Saban, who is the producer, musical director and arranger of the album “Meczup”, is also the director of the video clips from the album. Bonomo and Saban, continuing the friendship built during the first album, are still working together, now as the founding partners of the company “Can Biraderler”.

Entry: Love me Back

Love me Back was internally selected by TRT as well as Can Bonomo, it was presented on a special night. The song talks on a metaphoric way, about a man whose girl doesn’t love him anymore and he is asking her to Love him back.

Love me Back is composed and penned by Can Bonomo.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Estonian entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


8 comments on “Introducing 2012: Turkey!

  1. Turkey has the most charismatic live performer (male category) this year and I love the song to bits too. ‘Love Me Back’ reminds me a lot of some of Marc Almond’s work from the early 90s (the ‘Enchanted’ album in particular) and late 80s (‘Mother Fist’ f. e.) and since those were my wild years (LOL), naturally all different kinds of memories and emotions (some sweet, some bitter but all intense) are associated with this sound. The combination of this specific tradition of rather camp UK pop and Turkish instruments works perfectly for me. If the lyrics were better, Turkey would get the top score once again (they already did in 2004, 2008 and 2010) but for now I can only give 10/12 and 6th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. So… attractive.
    Anyway, before the song was released, I thought that Can Bonomo was the only performer capable of unseating Rona Nishliu from the top position in my pre-Eurovision rankings. I have fallen in love with many of his other songs, and he is an incredibly charismatic performer. Unfortunately, the song let him down a bit. While it is far from drivel or even a bad song, the lyrics are a bit silly, and the song loses his signature sound. Nevertheless, it is currently my 3rd, behind Finland and Albania (although Finland is beginning to worry me after Pernilla’s Eurovision in Concert performance. Let’s hope she was just shaken by the loud audience that seemed determined to drown her out).

    Also, this guy gives the most-entertaining interviews. His interview with Kurt Calleja is absolutely hilarious.

  3. @ Patrick, if only their songs were as good as their interviews. I could support Glen last year because he is a great live singer and I sort of enjoyed ‘One Life’ but ‘This Is the Night’ will always get nowhere on my list … I find it just terribly bland and dull, and Kurt isn’t a particularly strong vocalist either. 😦

    • I actually really liked Glen’s song, but then again, I might have just been enamored with him as a performer. He was and still is my 4th for 2011. On the other hand, you hit the nail on the head with Kurt. Nothing about his song nor his capabilities as a musician excites me. I’d argue that this is the weakest Maltese entry since Fabritzio 2.

  4. My relationship with the Turkish entries are a bit problematic. I think they were underrated during the whole jury era, but since televoting, I think they have been overrated. The only Turkish songs I have really liked during the last decade are “For real” and “Deli”. This one might be quirky, but in a bad way. I simply don’t get this song.

  5. I hate that singer and song, I also see many negative comments outside of Turkey about it! So I think should stay in semifinal but as last year Turkey missed final there is no way it will repeat this year! 😦

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