Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 13 & Heat 14!

Hello dear readers, the poll of Heat 13 is closed and we have the results, and since the votes were limited for one per person, the total of votes increased a lot, thank you!

So now let’s proceed to the results, here they are:

3rd place with 4 points: United Kingdom

2nd place with 5 points: Switzerland

1st place with 23 points: France! Anggun qualifies! Good luck!

Now let’s proceed to the last Heat!

In this heat the contenders will be Ireland, Denmark and Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Whether it is an easy choice or a hard choice depends on you, but if you need, here are the videos enjoy!

And finally here is the poll to cast your vote, you can only vote once. See you in two days with the results!


7 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 13 & Heat 14!

  1. WOW, that is a surprising result but France is ok. In heat 14 my vote goes to BiH which is miles above Denmark and should not even be mentioned in one sentence with that Jedward drivel.

  2. BiH : 12/12.
    Denmark : 8/12.
    Ireland : 4/12.
    Last heat was the 4th one to disagree so far with the result ! I am seriously hoping this sudden increase of voters isn’t being manipulated again…Votes have been doubled since heat 12…

  3. If I vote in these farce polls I’d vote Soluna Samay of course, but since I don’t vote I will just say;

    “HA, HA, HA”!!! :/

  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina for me, easily. I don’t get what’s happened with Denmark during the last years. Once upon a time (in a distant nineteen-eighty…) they hade the most colourful and schlagertastic national final in Europe. Nowadays, their songs are bland middle-of-the-road with no spice. Pity.

  5. BiH! Denmark is ok, but I looked much better last years! It was one of my favorites! And do you realize the bad voices jedward have when they sang live in the late late show? I mean, the chorus was better!

    So congratulations BiH! You have a very beautiful ballad, one of the most impressing ones for not saying the best one, and I think you have very good chances for being in top 10! 😀

  6. The voting is somewhat suspect, it’s incredible that some people even want to manipulate polls! Anyway my vote goes to Bosnia & H in this heat.

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