Eurovision in Concert: 24 countries successfully performed in Amsterdam!

Yesterday, Amsterdam lived the excitement of the big show shortly before 2012 Eurovision Song Contest starts. All 24 country representatives who took part in “Eurovision in Concert” successfully performed their entries. 

The event was officially opened by the representative of Netherlands in 2012 Eurovision Baku show Joan Franka. She said she had been looking forward to this concert. Speaking about the Eurovision Song Contest she said: “It is a beautiful festival featuring songs of different styles. That is why I don’t look at any contestant as my rival”.


9 comments on “Eurovision in Concert: 24 countries successfully performed in Amsterdam!

    • WOW, that was pretty impressive. Btw, once more we can notice that her vocals become stronger the moment she switches to her native language. It has been the same in almost all bilingual songs in ESC and the reason might be that people can concentrate on singing more when the pronunciation comes naturally to them. When they sing in English, 50 % of the concentration is probably absorbed by trying to get the pronunciation right.

    • Great! Because Can is so quirky he has already been called the new Lena here in Germany … and for the Amsterdam performance he dressed Lena style too, except for the hat of course.

  1. Valentina Monetta used playback! That’s disappointing!
    On the other hand, while Iris still can’t sell her song on a stage, I actually liked the song better in this performance than the performance she gave at the semi-final. Still my 36th of the year, but if she can learn how to sell the song, she might be able to sneak higher.

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