Azerbaijan: ‘Box offices’ for buying tickets in Baku open!

Sales for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 tickets will start at box offices. From next week spectators will be able to buy tickets for “Eurovision-2012” at the box offices in the capital of Azerbaijan. On April 23, selling cash voucher tickets for semifinals (May 22nd and May 24th), the semifinal’s dress rehearsals(May 21st and May 23rd), as well as the final’s dress rehearsal (May 25th)  and the final (May 26th)will start in Baku.

Tickets will be sold in the six box offices in the capital of Azerbaijan. The rules for buying tickets as follows:
Tickets will be issued and registered in the name of the individual.
For the citizens of Azerbaijan, ticket sales will be realized with ID cards.
For persons under 16 years, identity document is a birth certificate.
For foreigners living in Azerbaijan, the sales of tickets will be held on the basis of passports. Each person can purchase a maximum 10 tickets that should provide documentation for each ticket owner.

Payment for tickets can be made by cash and card in the national currency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AZM).
You can not change, return, or give third person acquired voucher or ticket.

Vouchers, protected with the special characters, confirm purchase of a ticket for “Eurovision-2012” song contest. Vouchers purchased at the box office or at the online system will be replaced by tickets with a document confirming the identity starting from the second half of May.

Tickets for semifinals of “Eurovision-2012” will cost 90-150 AZN, the major semi-final rehearsal – 30-50 AZN, and the main final rehearsal – 60-100 AZN.

All tickets allocated for the final show of “Eurovision-2012”, to be held on May 26, has already been sold out.

In the city of Baku, the tickets will be sold in the following offices:

1. Heydar Aliyev Palace (11.00-19.00)
2. The kiosk at Nizami, 68 (11.00-19.00)
3. the kiosk near the cinema “Azerbaijan” (10.30-18.30)
4. Shopping kiosk near the Government House (10.00-18.00)
5. Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (10.00-19.00)
6. Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society named after Muslim Mogamayev.


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