Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 12 & Heat 13!

Hello again readers, the poll is already closed and the number of people who voted increased, thank you so much new visitors and well lets go to the results:

3rd place with 5 points: Russia

2nd place with 7 points: Cyprus

1st place with 8 points: Bulgaria! Sofi qualifies! Good luck!

Now let’s proceed to Heat 13!

In this heat the contenders will be the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France!

In my case it would be really hard to decide I love all of these entries, i’m really lucky for not voting!

Here are the videos take a look:

Finally here is the poll to cast your vote, you can only vote once! See you in two days with the results!


14 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 12 & Heat 13!

  1. Well, I will go to FRANCE! First of all, I like her song and the way she sing it, and I think the choreography will be fantastic! And talking ’bout the two others…. I absolutely don’t like England this year, and in the swiss national selection there was a much better song called “real love”, which I think it would have to go to ESC!

  2. I’m voting for France, but I also really lie Engelbert’s song.
    Switzerland is an okay song as well, but it’s really repetitive to the point of gettting boring.

  3. Three middling ones in this heat. My vote goes to the UK but whoever makes it will only be filler material in the next round.

  4. What happens in case of a tie?
    Anyway my vote goes to UK.
    1)UK : 7/12.
    2)France : 5/12.
    3)Switzerland : 4/12.
    Pretty uninteresting heats the last two !

  5. I will just say:

    “HA, HA, HA” 😀

    OMG on YT Russia has 10.000.000 viewers, number which 9% of ESC participants will never get, and in this site in poll it’s the last, Bulgaria won of course LOOOOOOOOOOL, who cares for this poll I really wonder and for what purpouse it really has? To show us how will be results in ESC maybe? LOOOL 😀
    It’s obvious to satisfy few ppl ego!! 🙂

  6. Of these three, it’s an easy choice for me. United Kingdom have their best entry since many, many years. It’s probably even in my top 5 of all UK entries.

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