Introducing 2012: Sweden!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Loreen

Loreen (28) was raised on the countryside outside Stockholm, in a family of Moroccan-Berber origin. She has a very focused attitude to her music. She gets frustrated when she’s tagged as an R&B artist: ”It’s almost bizarre. I never listen to R&B or soul music!” She continues: ”The music I get inspiration from is music that gets you into kind of a trance. Both musically and vocal wise. Artists like Björk, some of Enya’s music, and especially Lisa Gerrard”.

It’s fitting that Loreen learned to play the piano by imitating the very minimalistic Michael Nyman score to the 90’s film The Piano. Loreen continues: ”I want to make music that really connects to my soul. I think that’s when my music affects the most.” She describes herself: ”Somewhat a loner, a seeker that steers away from the information overload of today. I have no TV set. I have a laptop but I only use it for e-mails and music programs”.

She then interrupts herself laughing: ”I’m really “impossible” in this age of living your life in the digital space. The people I work with really hates that I’m not even on Facebook!” Her general aim? ”To unite people in the thought that there is much more to life than the materialistic aspects. I know that it may sound hippieish and overblown. But is that really a reason to give up on this ambition? I’m certain the answer to that is no!”

Entry: Euphoria

Euphoria, written and produced by Peter Boström and Thomas G:son, is Loreen’s third single release and has already spent three weeks topping the Swedish charts quickly surpassing Platinum status. Neighbouring Norway and Finland were quick to discover this uplifting future anthem and are currently also reporting no.1 positions. Loreen’s highly anticipated debut album is scheduled for a September release.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Georgian entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


9 comments on “Introducing 2012: Sweden!

  1. One of the best entry in ESC 2012, Loreen’s voice is a beautiful, and song is awesome. But I think she has a bad chareography, I hope it will change in ESC scene. Sweden my number 2/42 with 10/12 point. Good Luck, Sweden! 🙂

    • Alex please if you have esctoday account, call one user called – “Something between god and the Pope speakin'” here…please, I really miss him.. you can find him easily, he has a Greek flag as a profile pic…

  2. I love Loreen and Eurphoria, but as alex said, the choreography is bad and a bit strange… At least she will have dancers with her and maybe she will change the choreography!

    Is in my top 5 so good luck Sweden!!

  3. Sweden 2012 is like my great aunt Gertrud, who is fun and good company on most occasions. However, when you meet an acquaintance and feel obliged to make introductions, you start to feel a bit embarrassed because Gertrud is just a bit too over the top, melodramatic, uncritical of herself and … how shall I put it? … stuck some decades ago. Gertrud is perfectly fine within the family context but once you venture beyond, you start to worry what the others will think. I feel exactly the same about “Euphoria” every time I play this year’s songs to one of my non-ESC friends. There isn’t anything wrong with Sweden 2012 really, the song is all right, the lyrics are about sex in a good and rather outspoken way and whereas Loreen is not the best vocalist she is a hell of a performer. My main issue with this entry, which (like Albania) is much more about the performance than the song, is that the whole act is rather dated. Now, normally I like both nostalgic and retro stuff but I will never accept a 90s club beat performed in Kate Bush or Madonna style (“Frozen”) trying to sell itself as the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. It is just like my sweet great aunt Gertrud still doing her girlie routine now that she is over 90 years old. Still, I like Loreen, the song is not hateful and the performance is strong. I only hope that it won’t come across as flat when all the vocals have to be live in Baku. 7/12 and 20th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

    P.S. I disagree with the other comments. The performance is the thing I like best in this dull-ish entry because (as I said) it reminds me of Kate Bush a lot and Kate Buch is among my favourite pop artists ever. Ever! EVER!!!

  4. It will win Rybak, style, boring voting AS HELL, pfff.. :/

    But that became typical for ESC because 90% is garbage and then when one song stands out it win BY LANDSLIDE…

  5. Loreen is a talented performer. The song is stale and quite tiring. Loreen tries to give it some depth with her stage performance and that only makes the barrenness of the song more obvious. She so deserved a much better song. It is going down on my list. Good luck.

  6. My dear Sweden, what have you done? Chosen a song that I really love! Wow, that’s not happening every year. In fact, the last time was in 2000 (“Las Vegas” and “Invincible” comes closest, songs I like very much, but don’t love). “Euphoria” is a really powerful song and currently on place 4 on my ESC list this year.

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