Introducing 2012: Croatia!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Nina Badrić

Nina Badrić is one of the most successful and most awarded Croatian musicians, whose career has successfully lasted for the past 20 years. Accomplishments, rewards and popularity are following this musician beyond Croatian borders, where she’s been dubbed the best and most favourite pop singer from the former Yugoslavian region year in, year out, by both audiences and music professionals.

In the nineties Nina commenced a solo singing career, heading music charts all over Croatia. She is a multiple winner of the Popularity Oscar, awarded by the professionals and audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Besides a terrific voice that many compare to those of divas like Angie Stone, Alicia Keys or Mary J. Blige, Nina is characterized by many as one of the most complete musicians today. Her personality, charm, or the so called factor X immediately win people over, and as far as her looks are concerned, many claim that she has been one of the most beautiful Croatian singers for years.

Nina Badrić’s face was recognized as the face of the world campaign for Frederique Constant luxury watches. The campaign with Nina’s trademark face graces billboards all over the world and numerous fashion magazines, such as Vogue, In Style or NY Times. She is known as a person that gladly takes part in many humanitarian activities. Nina Badrić is a singer who has tried her hand with every musical genre, from pop to jazz, leaving her specific mark of recognizable and strong interpretation in each of them. She writes most of her songs, and it is with an original composition that she plans to represent Croatia at the upcoming Eurosong competition.

Entry: Nebo (Heaven)

Nebo was internally selected by HRT and was presented to the public on a special show. Nebo was composed and penned by Nina Badrić herself, it is one of many ballads this year, but this one is outstanding.

An English version of the song is going to be recorded, but Nina confirmed that she will sing in Croatian for Eurovision.

This year, Croatia may qualify, the odds are kind of against , but Nebo seem to be a song that grows on people each day, let’s hope that May 24th wont be too late.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Swedish entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


12 comments on “Introducing 2012: Croatia!

  1. I think the fact that this song takes some time till it grows on you will cost Croatia the qualification this year.On my list , “Nebo” has managed ( through time ) to enter top 10 at the end.Good luck Nina !
    My top 10 (updated) :

  2. All right, I am going through rather trying times atm and perhaps that showed last night. Perhaps I was a bit harsh. Anyway, when I saw that one of my favourite songs is introduced today, things already looked much brighter. 🙂

    Croatia 2012 has really grown on me over the last weeks and has steadily climbed on my list too. If we compare the conventional big ballads this year, “Nebo” has much more musical substance than the generic plastic product poor Pastora (I LOVE alliterations …) will have to perform in Baku. As far as I can tell from the English translation, the lyrics are very well-crafted too and I adore Nina’s raspy yet clear voice. She could probably read my dentist bill and I would still enjoy it. Finally, the video is not a masterpiece but a pure delight to watch nevertheless. I love the aesthetics to bits … 10/12 and 8th place on my pre-rehearsals list. 🙂

      • Hi, Marko! :-*

        Thanx my dear friend, you’re so nice man. 😉 STAY HERE, because I’m interested in your opinions about ESC. 🙂

        @ Togravus

        Plz, be a good friend, Marko doesn’t deserve this behaviour. 😦

  3. I liked it by far more when she presented it in NF, actually I knew that song from earlier, because it is from her album, but later she ruined it for me quite a lot, it’s not RnB ballad any more, but violin ballad (YUCK) and that will cost her qualification because as RnB ballad it stood out and now it’s the same like many ESC cliche ballads with boring violins! I just hope she will keep her dress and performance from the NF, because that can save it for me and keep it being 8/10!

    But ESC is turning into cliche and it’s so obvious everybody can see that! 😦

  4. Croatia 12 is an above average song and Nina has a great voice. All the former Yugo entries seem to be grwoing on me. This one grows very well never going that extra step that would ruin everything. Good luck.

    • No surprise, everything growing on Togravus grows on you, I don’t need to read you any more…it’s always the same, and by May you two make your lists the same…. LOL 😀 ALWAYS!

      • Marko, calm down. Do not be rude to others. Togravus and me disagree on several songs, namely Turkey. I do not know why I am answering you. I do know one thing though: I shall be writing less and less comments everywhere. I do not need the aggravation. This was supposed to be fun and it isn’t anymore. Enjoy.

      • Marko, really don’t be rude with others.You love to say things to others but when someone says something to you, you can’t stand it, behave please, actually togravus did not said anything mean to you!

  5. @ Donnie darko

    “PS 1 : Eva Boto is one of the greatest vocalists this year despite being half the age of Zeljko. PS 2 : I think I prefer “Molitva 2” over “Senhora do mar 2” but of course best case scenario for my taste would be to have them both in the Final instead of “Be my guest” or maybe “Love me back”.But at least the latter adds to diversity and it’s ok in my books so I don’t mind it in the Final !”

    hahahahaha Horrible darko and what about Aphrodisiac?? Aphrodisiac must be in final because it’s from your country! Ha, HA ,HA! Why you don’t mention Aphrodisiac?? A? Ts,ts,ts! Now everybody can see who you actually are! And shame on everybody who support Darko against me! Really SHAME! :/

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