Italy: Nina Zill on tour!

The Italian representative, Nina Zilli, will be touring different cities around Italy, promoting her entry and more of her songs.

Dates and places have been announced:

April 21st: Rimini, Velvet

April 26th: Milan, Alcatraz

April 27th: Padova, Gran Teatro Geox

April 28th: Bologna, Estragon (OGAE Italy convention)

May 5th: Torino, Hiroshima mon amour

Then Nina will fly to Baku where she will perform her song L’Ammore a Femmina in the final on May 26th.


27 comments on “Italy: Nina Zill on tour!

  1. It’s really hard for me to understand that somebody as ESC fan should be interested in her promo tour inside Italy only, but OK, I respect everything! 🙂

    I couldn’t care less for her promo tour in Italy!

    And how that can be promo tour when ppl from Italy can’t vote for her! LOL Nonsense!

    And her new entry suck and I hope Loreen will beat it BI TIME! And that will happen, according to all comments we can see on all sites on internet connected with ESC! 😉

    • That’s the same thing German ESC participants do. They never go abroad for promotion because everyone knows that those tours are fun but utterly useless. Just remember Glen last year. Moreover, artists in big countries use ESC mostly to launch carreers in their native countries because the German or Italian markets f. e. are much bigger that the markets of 10 small countries one could travel to put together … Why should anyone try to launch a career in Malta, Iceland or San Marino if Italy or Germany are much closer to home and much easier to become popular in. What Nina does is the reasonable thing to do imho.

      • I don’t see her in Italian charts at all!

        You can support it, i don’t care, I don’t have problem with that at all, but I JUST comment that i don’t care for that in INTERNATIONAL ESC site and as I see nobody else reacts I see that it’s very irrelevant for other international ESC fans…logical…

  2. OMG, the German expert has just given 1/12 to Spain. She said that Spain wouldn’t qualify at all if they had to compete in the semis. Well, I am not a fan of Spain this year either … but 1/12??? The same score as Lithuania and only San Marino with 0/12 below so far? Anyway, I expect similar things to happen in ESC, a huge disappointment for Spain. The song is just too melodramatic for people living further north …

    • Hmmm..but it’s composed by G:Son, there are so many melodramatic ballads in MF composed by him which were very popular in Sweden in previous years, the only problem is she sings in Spanish, in English, she will get points from everywhere..

      And about German “experts” they give small points to G:Son and Ralph Siegel, because they think they are old fashioned, while in ESC audience they are very appreciated composes, in 2010 everybody thought Denmark will stay in semi and they came 4th! 😉

  3. Gosh! Belgium got 8/12 … it all depends on which expert they interview. Some give high points to almost everyone and some don’t. So far, Peter Urban has been the best ‘expert’ …

    • No that just matches with my sentences above!
      German “experts” believe these days all countries should send young unknown singers like Lena because they are so called “fresh” and composers like Siegel and G;Son are old fashioned for them.. (I base that on what you have told me, that they don’t appreciate Loreen, Pastora Soler and Valentina Monetta at all).

  4. Loreen hasn’t been discussed yet. So far Hungary and Russia got 12/12 and Turkey, Norway and Austria (Yuck!) 10/12. I have just watched Albania (4/12 but the expert said that it is a very good song but he doesn’t like ballads … that’s a real ‘expert’ then … LOL) and Croatia (5/12). Gosh, I hate those experts, except Peter Urban of course …

    • But you told me when I earlier asked you about Loreen in Germany she is not appreciated at all, I can show you that comment, you told me about some ppl commenting it!!

      • Yes, there have been bloggers and some articles but not the songcheck on NDR’s official site. Gosh! What is wrong with you tonight? You are in attack and everything is shit mode and the language you used on Donnie is utterly inacceptable. Do you know that you look like an utter weirdo (which you are not as I know)? Btw, they have just uploaded Loreen on NDR songcheck but I won’t post another comment tonight. Good night!

  5. Donnie darko was BY FAR WORSE to ME EARLIER, that MONSTER deserves BY FAR MORE THAN THAT! That’s really nothing comparing to what he, Dimitric calling, some other Greeks and This is my guitar did to me in horrid place called esctoday! 😦 So really shame on you for the last comment!!!!!! 😦 Good night! 😦

  6. And if i look like weirdo to you, Shevek, Patrick, Donie Darko (YUUUUCK, PUUUKE :/) that doesn’t me I am weirdo, ask some other ppl about me, your smal group is not only ppl exsisting in ES sites around, maybe your group is weirdo…come out from that small group and stop making one opinion about everything here valid only! :/

    If I’m different to that small group I have to be weirdo immediately! GOSH! :/

  7. I think this is going to far. I’m, frankly, getting tired of it. I’m also tired of you both using me and acting like I’m being strewn through the mud.

    Toggie, you’ve used conversations between Marko and me multiple times to prove that Marko is acting out. One in particular, where the two of us were joking by the end of the conversation. I don’t appreciate being used as a weapon against him. I can settle my own issues that may arise with him, and if it ever turns out that I can’t, I’ll stop communicating with him. That’s what I did with ESCToday. That’s what I would do if I felt the issue was ever big enough here.

    Marko, you keep grouping me with Shevek and Toggie (and now Donnie, who I’ve spent all of half-a-message actually communicating with). I’m not their follower, and I’m not part of an ESC clique. I left ESCToday because that place was a pit of dankness in the comment section, and I came to the Eurovision Times because there were respectful people there. Yes, many of them also happen to have like minds, but that was not intentional nor was that why I decided to supplant myself here. I’m not a mindless follower, and I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t treated like one. I only asked if you were in a bad mood once, and that was because I believed that I had seen an increase in negative comments from you recently in general. I was worried that something was the matter, and I also was curious because I’m good at being somebody that you can complain to without issue. When I found out that you were fine, I dropped it, and I haven’t picked it up since then.

    Now, both of you, you can quibble and fight on this site all you want. Neither of you are proving your points, and neither of you are winning anything. If anything, you two are just alienating the rest of us regulars both here and at Eurovision Times that get thrown into your arguments every time it happens.

    If keep getting brought up as an example in your fights, I’m going to be leaving here as well, and I’m beginning to think that I’d be all the better for it.

    • ??? I didn’t mention your name once tonight … Gosh! has everyone gone insane. Sorry Patrick, but that was very unfair and below the belt. I only used you as an example once some weeks ago on ET. Well, I think that ESC drama queens are just too much for me. I guess that I better withdraw from the virtual ESC universe … but then that would equal being a drama queen myself, wouldn’t it …??? 😦

      • Toggie, you speak the truth about not using me tonight, but it finally reached that boiling point tonight that I had to respond to this constant bickering that’s been going on between the two of you for weeks, and it’s not fair to Marko to bring up these issues that I have been having with him over the course of the various battles and not bring up the issues I’ve been having with your side of the fight, even if you haven’t employed it tonight. You’ve used me on more than one occasion, and yes, sometimes I have given my quiet assent because I could see your point in including me. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to call my one comment below the belt. All I asked is that I not be included as an example in your fights unless you get my consent or the fight I had with Marko is still ongoing and clearly hasn’t been resolved or if it has something to do with known ESC likes and dislikes, in which case it should be treated as fact anyway.

        If I happen to be misremembering additional times in which you used me as a point against Marko, then I apologize, but considering this is a complaint that should also serve as a request against the future usage of my name in a similar fashion, it is not important for me to go back and check nor do I have the time to. That one time you used me has stayed with me, and it did anger me. That should be enough of a reason for the air needing to be cleared anyway.

        However, I also do not appreciate being called a drama queen for bringing up a point that has been bothering me and for wanted to be distanced from this conflict unless I make myself an active participant. I don’t see anything that I have done to warrant such a title. It’s inflammatory language, and if I wasn’t a calmer person, I could have taken it as a personal insult.

  8. Yes Patrick I was in a bad mood and I am in bad mood now, NOW I CONFESS!!! 😦 I’m so sorry! 😦

    But only thing i still stand behind is Donnie darko issue, i wish he, and Dimitric calling never told me word, when i’m in a bad mood and come here (earlier esctoday) to try to feel better somehow, they make me even feel worse! But i will try t forget it, at least we don’t have Diitris calling here.. 😦




  10. What has been going on?! I’ve had a rotten day, my car decided to have a nervous breakdown in the middle of nowhere, it was raining, I was in a hurry, I missed an important meeting and now this? Please, this is my eurovision diary, a peaceful site. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we do not. End of story. This site is just beginning, so let’s give it a chance to grow. 🙂

  11. @ Patrick, that is simply not true and honestly, I am throgh with the bunch of you. Sorry, but I am going through a pretty tough patch in real life atm and have come here in order to forget … but all I get is lies (I only used you once …), insinuations and unfounded attacks. This isn’t helping me to cope with things at all. I am off. Enjoy everyone!

  12. Guys, it’s okay to have different points of view, please respect each other.
    Patrick is right, ESCToday is a really good site, that is ruined by fighting people, I’ve seen it, anyway I really want you to stay here specially because of your points of view, and the way you express but please don’t fight! It is normal to disagree, but the best is to respect. Also I won’t ban you from commenting here, that would be mean, but please stop fighting.

    • I agree. Stop fighting. I come here on a regular basis and I am getting used to the warm colours of this site. Moreover, I sat on top of a strawberry pudding when I finally got to my destination thus ruining a perfectly delicious desert (I am not kidding, I reek of strawberry sauce atm LOL). Seriously, let’s all keep coming here. I am off to the bathtub (and the washing machine).

      • I’m actually very glad esctoday is still in fighting process, because many pl (you and Toggie included accused me that I made bad atmosphere on it), but now you have an evidence that without me (more than 5 months) it’s even worse situation!

        And Shevek if you think it’s fun that you and your group’s favorite always win in the poll, than feel free to have that fun every day! ENJOY! I’m out of that pointless thing!!

  13. This is my final post tonight. I’ll see everybody tomorrow when we’ve all calmed down:

    @Toggie: If you’re through with me because I made one critique of your behavior and have apogized at the potential of perceiving your use of my name more than you have, then so be it. Perhaps it is that my disturbance (a harsh word that is more powerful than the word I can’t seem to find at this moment) because of that one time has made me remember more than there has been. I am not going to contest this anymore, but I am not going to take back my complaint because it bothered me enough to cloud my perception of the past. I would think that you would like to simply talk it out and get over it so that we could continue to be friends or, at the very least, online Eurovision-site acquaintences. I looked forward to hearing from you when I log in, and I will continue to do so whether the comments are ever directed at me or not.

    @Marko: Apology accepted, and as for the Donnie Darko issue, I’m not going to press any points in this. I was not there when the damage was done, and as such, I feel I have no right to comment on it. Personally, remember this is personally and not a judgement of your behavior, I think you are using incredibly strong language against him. However, I cannot comment because I do not know the whole story nor do I wish to. However, the offer I was going to give you still stands. If you do want somebody that you can vent to in private, I will be happy to find some way to supply you with an email address where you can vent and none of it will leave the email chain.

    @MyEurovisionDiary: With that, I will end my part in this. You run an amazing website, and I’m sorry that we kind of ruined the two threads tonight.

    • But if there is 5 persons in one site and if 4 like all the same songs, you are clever enough to understand what happens, you are the most clever of all here together, so please do not pretend you don’t understand! :/

      Anyway I stop voting, you can enjoy in that farce how much you like! 😉
      Have a nice day!

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