Eurovision in Concert: Last minute change, Pasha instead of Anri!

The Eurovision in Concert, the biggest Eurovision promo event, has reached a new record of participants, 24 participants will perform in Amsterdam on the weekend, but now, the Moldovan entrant, Pasha Parfeny will perform instead of Anri Jokhadze.

So this is the lineup:

  1. Ireland
  2. Austria
  3. Slovenia
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Portugal
  6. Spain
  7. Hungary
  8. Turkey
  9. Belgium
  10. Romania
  11. Azerbaijan
  12. Finland
  13. Lithuania
  14. Albania
  15. Malta
  16. France
  17. Ukraine
  18. Switzerland
  19. San Marino
  20. Macedonia
  21. Latvia
  22. Greece
  23. Bulgaria
  24. Moldova (instead of Georgia)      
The concert will take place in Melkweg, a popular venue located in the city centre of Amsterdam. Doors are open at 19.30 hrs and the concert will start at 20.30 hrs. The show is already sold out, so if you don’t have any tickets, try the next year. The afterparty takes place at Bar Bump, located at 3 minutes walking distance from Melkweg.

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