Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 11 & Heat 12!

Hello again readers, the poll is closed and we have the results here they are:

3rd place with 3 points: Latvia

2nd place with 5 points: Belarus

1st place with 7 points: Israel! Izabo qualifies for the semifinals! Good luck!

Now let’s proceed to Heat 12! I

n this heat, the contenders will be Cyprus, Bulgaria and Russia!

Maybe the choice will be a little harder than in the last heat, so here are the videos, think clear!

Here is the poll to cast your vote, remember that you can vote once now. See you in two days with the results!


34 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 11 & Heat 12!

  1. I wanted that Latvia won the heat…. Anyway, in this Heat I don’t have to think it twice, Cyprus is in my top 3, and it will have my vote!!

  2. Israel was the best and rightfully won the previous heat !
    In this heat I am voting for Cyprus , simply because the other two are extremely annoying imo !
    Overall , I agree with almost all the results of the heats so far ( except from heat #8 where I would have chosen Turkey over Ukraine and heat #3 where I’d rather see Estonia winning rather than Italy ) . Good job myeurovisiondiary readers 😉

  3. This is really unfair, in this site there are several persons who vote and we know that we have one group of ppl who all like the same songs and those are majority here and when all groups are announced we know from the beginning who will win group…pfff..boring!! And not to mention how realistic it is!! :/
    So I don’t vote anymore, it doesn’t make sense at all, only if my favorite matches with the favorite of that group it will win.. :/
    This reminds me of parliament elections! YUCK! :/

    • This is probably the worst heat for you to say that, as we all are splitting apart for this round. For example, Togravus and Shevek are voting for Bulgaria. I am voting for Russia, and Donnie is voting for Cyprus. Yes, all four of us tend to agree on which song we like, but we don’t always. Even in this last round, if it was just the four of us voting, we would not have been able to beat the five votes for Belarus. There clearly are a couple other people out there besides the four of us that are voting for these songs, not to mention this is only the second round since the introduction of the “one vote per person” ruling. I don’t know about Donnie, but in all the previous rounds, Toggie, Shevek (I believe), and I have all only voted once.

    • Hmm I don’t have a problem at all..I stop voting!! You can enjoy in all winners together with democratic Patrick, Shevek, Donnie darko ( sorry i have to mention this monster, but i would rather skip mentioning it) and Morgan! LOOOOOOOL 😀

      @ Alex

      Your new profile pic is GREAT! 🙂
      Alex let leave this place and leave them enjoy in uniformed heats!
      Or no, better just stop voting in this FARCE! 😉

      • “I stop voting” … That IS the definition of having a problem with democratic procedures, dear Marko. If people do have a problem with democracy, they stop voting …

  4. There are around 15-20 different people voting here so I strongly believe that all heats except from the last two , have been manipulated.
    PS : It isn’t our fault if me , Shevek , togravus and Patrick share the same taste most of the times 😉

      • What a sore loser ! As long as we have democracy , of course I will comment back on your posts and I will speak my mind ( my feelings are mutual towards you anyway ) but still I will not be insultive…

  5. @ Toggie

    LOOOL that is not true, I have problem with knowing results before they show them to us! :/ You try to present me that it is democratic you vote in group and have your favorites always in! LOL 😀 If that is democracy then I’m Sophia Loren! 😀

    • Dear Sophia, it just a coincidence that most people voting on this site agree with me most of the time whereas most people voting in ESC (or German elections …) normally do not … Couldn’t be more democratic for all the good and bad that entails. 🙂

      • And whaat is the point of that then?! LOOL please Toggie, be realistic and I know very well that you also know that! We all can organize groups of several persons with certain (the same, almost identical) taste and vote in polls like this, I can do that on FB f.e., but I don’t see any sense and point of doing it! It’s even embarrassing and ridiculous, sorry!

      • @ Marko, but how should anyone organise a voting group here if we don’t know each other? I am in sporadic e-mail contact with one other member only … Is it conspiracy theory time again? 😉

  6. And if I skip Parliament and President elections in May because I feel I shouldn’t vote and I don’t agree with any option, that makes me undemocratic?? :O LOL 😀 NONSENSE!

  7. @ Toggie

    You don’t organize, I don’t say you organize, but site organizes it maybe accidentally, but I just said then it’s ridiculous and i won’t vote at all, because I don’t see the point of voting when we ALL KNOW VERY WELL WHO WILL WIN because group which is dominant in the site will always win because of making dominance.. i just said that and that’s everything! You can do and participate in all nonsenses, I don’t care..

  8. And also Toggie and “DEMOCRACY GROUP” tell me how they make these polls, who and how decides which countries will be in the same group together?? :/

    • Well, the only person that can answer that definitively would be the webmaster of this site (MyEurovisionDiary). That being said, I believe that I read that he drew to decide which countries would be grouped together. No matter how he grouped them though, they have to be grouped somehow, unless he was just going to post a poll (which isn’t as fun as a competitive game).

      • Hmm Patrick that is not true, it is important, because we know that one group is dominant here and if he put Turkey, Israel and Albania in one group (Which is possible, why not???) we will have 2 BIG favorites of that group out…

  9. In which state Toggie??????

    I just ask in the VERY peaceful way how and who decides about groups?? if you are not interested in it, I have not to be as well??? I didn’t know that! GOSH in these fuckin’ sites you always must follow somebody like sheep, be “calm” all the time and smile about everything like some monkey, if you don’t want to be accused of being in a “state”!! and in those patters you have to overpass your believes and start to follow and believe in all nonsenses somebody serves to you! :/ NO COMMENT really!

    OK, let’s all be friends, agree and smile like idiots all the time and be here in some clouds of FAKE FRIENDLY atmosphere! :/

  10. @ Donnie darko

    Leave me alone HORRIBLE person, go to hell, you already tortured me enough in that HORRID PLACE called esctoday!! 😦 😦 😦 Just leave me alone MONSTER!! 😦

    • How exactly DID I torture you?Stop spreading LIES…The fact that I don’t like your character at all has nothing to do with what you are claiming…Stop playing victim…You got banned on the other site simply because you don’t know how to behave…

  11. Yes i know to behave with others and don’t know to behave with you Dimitris calling, other fanatic Greeks and This si my guitar!!

    And If I weren’t banned from that HORROR site i would leave it anyway for your information!! :/

    And I’m not your victim, I’m far above your sick mind so I can’t be your victim! You and that monstruously sick Dimitris calling are definition of what me and my family are disgusted in our lives!!

    Some ppl here are good with e and appreciate me..and some (very few from esctoday actually, but I get that as compliment) as problem is not in my, but in you and Dimitris calling!!

    • Yeahhh right…I don’t think there’s anything to appreciate in you ( but that’s just my own opinion ).And believe me you’ve been nasty to many many people including the ones you ‘re still in touch.But it’s a matter of time you’ll lose them.I mean , with THAT kind of behaviour…CASE CLOSED !Sorry !

      • MRSH!!!

        Go to esctoday, clean this place of yourself and join TIMG and Dimitrc calling!! that is your group and appropriate company for you! :/

  12. @Marko:
    Well, besides the fact that Turkey has already been eliminated, if something of the sort happened, where a group of my personal favorites are grouped together (which is inevitable with the competition continuing, unless all of my favorites are eliminated before the time in which that happens), I would have to vote for the one song that I wanted to continue (of if it happened to be the finals, win). I have already had to deal with some of my personal favorites having to compete: FYR Macedonia (my 6) vs. Finland (my 2), Italy (my 14, but still loved) vs. Croatia (my 7), and the up-and-coming United Kingdom (my 16 + in the pack that is so close that a mood can move a song from place 23 to place 12) vs. France (my 13).

    Plus, I’m interested in what the turn out is going to be in voting this round. We have a bookies favorite and a fan favorite in this round. I expect the voting to be higher than the last two rounds, which have consisted of the “fan nightmares” and a group that most consider very middle-of-the-road to bad entries.

    Plus, I don’t think any of us really know MyEurovisionDiary’s taste in songs. I don’t believe he or she has ever told us (unless s/he’s somebody that I know, and I just haven’t made the connection yet). We have no idea if his/her favorites are making it through.

  13. @ Marko

    Marko, pleeeeeeeeeease don’t answer to them. Plz! 😦

    SOS!!! Some people here needs a psychologist!!! 😦

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