Introducing 2012: Bulgaria!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Sofi Marinova

Sofi Marinova (36) is one of Bulgaria’s most popular performers. Devoted to arts since her childhood, Sofi established herself little by little as a top vocalist in Bulgaria.

Coached by her mother in singing and dancing, Sofi excelled at school in Etropole while impressing musicians from a local band with her beautiful voice. Soon after, granting permission from her parents, she started singing covers at weddings and christenings; Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s hits were part of her repertoire as well as gypsy songs from her cultural heritage.

Then her participation in many festivals, where she became victorious, followed and led Sofi to the release of her first album Old Wounds alongside the band Super Express which, according to numerous producers, is the best selling album in the country. Some solo albums followed until she began working with Sunny Music in 2004 and the producer Krum Krumov, a collaboration which continues succesfully to date.

Entry: Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited was not specifically produced for Eurovision. Sofi Marinova had a version of the song in her cell phone for 6–7 months before she came up with the idea to participate with it in Eurovision.

The lyrics of the song are by Doni Vasileva, who came up with the idea of using the words “I love you” in multiple languages.

  1. Seviyorum seni — Turkish
  2. Σ’ αγαπάω πολύ /sagapao poli/ (“I love you a lot”) — Greek
  3. Yo te quiero a ti (“I love you“) — Spanish
  4. Volim te — Serbo-Croatian
  5. Теб обичам (“I love you“) — Bulgarian
  6. But dehaftu mange — Romani
  7. Voglio bene a te — Italian
  8. Mən səni sevirəm — Azerbaijani
  9. Je t’aime — French
  10. I love you so much — words in English, with which the song ends.
The song is composed by Yasen Kozev, Krum Georgiev
Tomorrow we will introduce the Slovenian entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!

5 comments on “Introducing 2012: Bulgaria!

  1. Sofi is a very charismatic live performer and probably the best live vocalist to present an uptempo song this year. I won’t beat about the bush, Bulgaria is my guilty pleasure this year. Yes, it is a shake it! tune and the lyrics are almost nonexistent but I really like it nevertheless. Moreover, Sofi said in an interview that she won’t have dancers onstage in Baku which is great news for me because I always prefer uptempo performances without half-naked dancers doing silly gymnastics (Sweden 1999 and Iceland 2008 f. e.). On the other hand, this classy decision might lead to her failure in strong semi-final 2 because half-naked hotties always gather some additional points in televoting. 8/12 and 15th place on my pre-rehearsals list. 🙂

  2. The first thing I like about this song was its orchestration; then I heard her sing live and I fell for it completely. It is not a masterpiece, but I love it and I love Sofi’s attitude. Good luck.

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