Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 10 & Heat 11!

Hello again dear readers, the poll of Heat 10 is closed and we have the results, the number of votes went down big time, but I was hoping that, because you can only vote once now, so well here are the results!

3rd place with 1 point: San Marino

2nd place with 5 points: Georgia

1st place with 11 points: Montenegro! Well done Rambo! Good luck!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 11!

In this heat the contenders will be Israel, Belarus and Latvia! Let the best win!

Here are the videos, let’s hope it’s an easy choice, because you only have a chance to vote! 🙂

And here’s the poll to cast your vote, let’s hope your favorite contender wins! See you in two days with the results!


9 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 10 & Heat 11!

  1. It’s funny how total number of votes went down to 17 from 300 plus…The same thing happens with actual televoting….People are no saints.I mean , if you give them the right to vote multiple times they will do it ( even if they have to pay!) .That’s why EBU should introduce the “1 vote per country per phone number” rule.
    Good luck Montenegro , although there was no way Mr Rambo Amadeus would come even close to win any different heat…
    Heat 11 : Israel of course !

    • Hmm, seems you’re right, Marko! Belarus can’t win, unfortunately. 😦 But I’ve already voted for Belarus. I hope Israel will not be a winner in this heat… 😉

    • Daniel! :-*

      I expected Latvia to be in your TOP 5!! :O :O

      But in your profile your profile you have written that Latvia and Israel are in the same category – “don’t like”…

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