Albania: Rona Nishliu on tour!

The Albanian representative in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Rona Nishliu, has began her promo tour across Europe.

Today she has arrived to the Romanian capital city, Bucharest where she will be a guest on various TV shows of TVR and Antena1, she will be performing her song ‘Suus’.

Then she will fly to Montenegro, and finally she will go to the Netherlands, to Eurovision in Concert.

Rona Nishliu – Suus (Personal)

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One comment on “Albania: Rona Nishliu on tour!

  1. Hmm I wonder where in Montenegro!? Probably Albanian town of Ulcinj where all trashy Albanian singers perform! However performance in Montenegro is pointless because she will already get points from there (diaspora)!

    From Romania i expect 0 points from televoting and few points from jury, her song is not Romanian taste I’m sure 100%!

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