Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 9 & Heat 10!

Hello again readers, we are really close to end the Heats, and I’m glad to say that we have a winner, in this heat we had an incident with the votes, you readers, helped to correct it by saying that more that 1 vote makes the results unfair and you are right so now, since this heat you can only vote once, also there was a problem due to plenty of votes so the poll was closed.

Nevertheless here are the results:

3rd place with 67 points: Norway

2nd place with 179 points: Spain

1st place with 185 points: Sweden! Loreen qualifies! 

So now lets proceed to Heat 10!

In this heat the contenders will be: Montenegro, San Marino and Georgia!

I think that this is an easy choice, but anyway here are the videos enjoy! (:

And here’s the poll to cast your vote, you can now vote only once. See you in two days with the results!


10 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 9 & Heat 10!

  1. I could never imagine I would be voting for Montenegro 2012 EVER …What a heat…!
    Loreen would have won by landslide if those Spaniards hadn’t been manipulating the previous heat !

  2. 😦 Norwaaaay!!! ;(

    Heat 10:
    1. Georgia-I like this MUSIC, but lyrics is meaningless! 6/12
    2. San Marino-Interesting song, I think it’s not bad 1/12
    3. Montenegro-HORROR, HORROR, HORROR!!! 0/12

  3. MONTENEGRO IS AMAZING!! It’ so underrated in a contest like ESC, it’s too good for it! Average (not to mention below average wo are majority :() viewers do not understand it at all.. LOL:D MONTENEGRO gets my vote!! But I love Facebook song too! 😀 Valentina Monetta RULZ!

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