Turkey: Highlights of Can Bonomo’s visit to Croatia!

Recently, Can Bonomo was on a promotional tour to Croatia where he spoke to NovaTV about his song and the Croatian entry.

This year’s Turkish participant, Can Bonomo will represent his country with Love Me Backin Baku. He has recently been in Croatia where he spoke to Nova TV about his song, his career and of course gave some thoughts about the Croatian participant, Nina Badrić.

You can see the interview by clicking Here.

During the coversation, Can described Love Me Back as being about “a sailor’s love for the ocean and his love for his girlfriend”.

He also talked about Nina Badrić who will represent Croatia with Nebo in Baku. “She has a wonderful song and she is a magnificant person” is what he said about his fellow competitor. He also went on to say that “every woman is beautiful but in Croatia we see many of them” when asked about what he thought of the local ladies he had seen during his trip.

An interesting fact about Can that you may not know, and that he revealed in the interview, was that when he was younger he went interrailing around Europe with two friends, had no money and only two guitars. In his words, “that didn’t work out very well”.

Can Bonomo – Love me Back


10 comments on “Turkey: Highlights of Can Bonomo’s visit to Croatia!

  1. I hope he will be ignored in ESC..that’s the most important, televoting will vote for him because of diaspora of course..but at least jury can reduce that and I really hope…please jury!!

    • That will party depend on how many women and gays will be in the juries. On NDR’s site at least everyone is totally aflutter about how cute Can is … 😉 🙂

      • WOW what a great way of voting! SERIOUSLY NO COMMENT :/ If that is how jury votes and how you support then you revealed very well who you are! 😉

        Can you please stop thinking I write against Can Bonomo all the time because you like it! Now I say for the last time: THAT IS NOT TRUE! I DON’T SPOIL YOUR FUN WITH MY COMMENTS! I JUST WRITE WHAT I THINK AND I HAVE RIGHT! THANKS

        And I don’t fight, moderator of this site and one guy from Spain told me yesterday here that they welcome me here and that i don’t disturb anybody nor I fight, so your stories about me all the time that I’m in bad mood and ready to fight (especially with you) are LIE!!!

        GOOD NIGHT!

  2. @ Marko, Have I ever said that I endorsed the voting on criteria other than musical? No, I simply reported that people on NDR are obviously biased, which I do not like at all. Please stop assuming and insinuating or I will start to use the full force of my intellect against your comments … which are simply unfair 99 % of the time. Sorry, but friends exist to tell the truth!

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