Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki prepares for success!

Russian representatives in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest are preparing a big and amazing stage performance. 

According to Russian media, Buranovskiye Babushki have started active preparation for this year’s Eurovision.

Specialists from Moscow, vocal master and choreographer have left to Udmurtia, to prepare the grannie’s stage performance. Currently the group is working hard to prepare for Eurovision 2012, let’s hope it all goes well for them!

The decision that Buranovskiye babushki will prepare for Eurovision in their native village was adopted in connection with the fact that most of the group participants have to do lots of housework and cannot leave for a long time.

Also, the band’s goal within going to Eurovision, was to raise funds for building a church in Buranvo, they have accomplished it! The construction of the Buranovo’s new church will begin on May, the old one was demolished during the Soviet era, because religion was prohibited in the whole Soviet Union.


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