Germany: Roman Lob to release debut album!

The German representative at this year’s Eurovision, will be releasing his debut album.

The album was named Changes because of all changes he has gone through recent months, and his dream that is about to come true.

‘I am not concerned about the rapid fame in this fast-paced business where it is for each of us everyday that it may be over. I want to inspire people permanently with my songs, so that they take you on a journey, and carry you away!’ Roman explained.

Changes will contain a total of 13 tracks including Standing Still, German entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song  Contest, you can see the full track listing below:

01. Call Out The Sun
02. Dream On
03. Standing Still
04. Alone
05. Changes
06. Flying
07. Make You Smile
08. Day By Day
09. After Tonight
10. Something Stupid
11. First Time
12. Conflicted
13. Revolution

This is the Album Artwork:


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