Germany: Dates of Roman’s german promotional tour announced!

This year’s german representative Roman Lob will be promoting his new album all over Germany in the second half of this year, the dates and venues have been revealed:
Roman Lob — Tour 2012:
09.10 Hamburg, Grünspan                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10.10 Köln, Gloria Theater
11.10 Bochum, Zeche
12.10 Münster, Jovel
14.12 Stuttgart, Theaterhaus
15.10 Mannheim, Capitol
16.10 Offenbach, Capitol
17.10 Kassel, Musiktheater
25.10 Koblenz, Burg Ehrenbreitstein
26.10 München, Muffathalle
27.10 Luxemburg, Rockhal Club
05.11 Berlin, C-Club
06.11 Leipzig, Werk 2
07.11 Hannover, Capitol
08.11 Bremen, Modernes
13.11 Ulm, Roxy
14.11 Kempten, kult.Box
15.11 Heilbronn, redblue
16.11 Nürnberg, Löwensaal

Roman Lob – Standing Still


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