Eurovision Battle: Heat 8 results & Heat 9!

Hello again dear readers, I’m glad to say that the Heat 8 poll is closed and that we have the results! When I saw the results, I was really shocked because the country that no one said that he or she will vote for, won so let’s continue continue:

3rd place with 40 points: Hungary

2nd place with 48 points: Turkey

1st place with 63 points: Ukraine, huh? well Good luck Gaitana, see you in the semifinals!

Now let’s proceed to Heat 9!

In this heat, the strongest one I think, the contenders will be: Sweden, Norway and Spain!

Just, look at the videos, think really clearly this time, just an advice, and cast your vote, here they are 😉

Sweden: Loreen – Euphoria

Norway: Tooji – Stay

Spain: Pastora Soler – Quédate Conmigo (Stay with Me)

Here’s the poll to cast your vote, as it is a competition you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in two days with the results!



12 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Heat 8 results & Heat 9!

  1. Oh dear… How did this happen? I don’t find Gaitana’s song anything more than average, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to listen to it after Eurovision. She’s not even a fan favorite. I’m not sure how that happened.

    Anyway, this song doesn’t particularly have songs that I am fond of. The best of the bunch is Spain, but Pastora only ranks in my bottom teens.

    • I hate it too, i don’t like it at all it’s just shouting and monotonous!, I asked myself the same question, and I have a great answer! The ones that voted for Turkey or Hungary, voted really few times, and the ones or even one, who voted for Gaitana, voted plenty of times, In my case, I just voted for Hungary 5 times (I don’t vote so much to make the results more fair and reliable)

      • Actually, I like Ukraine, but I wanted Hungary to win. Well, let’s see what happens with this heat. Some people hate these songs. I just don’t like Spain so much. I like Norway and Sweden… Hard to choose!!!
        btw, @MyEurovisionDiary, don’t say you’re voting too. I think some people wouldn’t like it. I’m just saying… =P

      • Yes I know, I vote almost never 😉 also I have principles, and tbh my favorite entries haven’t won a single heat! also I wont achieve anything by changing the results but a bad image.

  2. I only vote once. Because that creates the fairest result, everybody voting once. I might make an exception in the future, if I think something treasured is in danger, which I didn’t think for Turkey.

  3. I only vote once in every heat because everything else is a contradiction to fair play. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if one lonely Gaitana troll voted 60 times. Yawn!

    Heat 9 features 2 average and one horrible song. Because there is nothing worthwhile on offer, my vote goes to overhyped Sweden.

  4. Ukraine won??? :O

    Heat 9, three great songs!!!
    1. NORWAY-My favourite country this year (and seems I’m teenage version of Tooji 😀 ) 12/12
    2. SWEDEN-I love her voice sooo much, and song is veery beautiful 10/12
    3. SPAIN-Beautiful Spanish ballad, but I think “Tu Vida Es Tu Vida” was better

    This heat will be a STRONG! Let the best win!!! 🙂

  5. This is an uninteresting heat for me. The songs range from bad (Norway) to listenable (Spain and Sweden). In the end, I voted for Sweden (Pastora’s ballad makes me fall asleep).

  6. Well , the fact that multiple votes are permitted indicates that all these heats can be easily manipulated even by one person…In the 7th heat it was obvious that Netherlands and Austria were voted several times by few people thus scoring around 180 ! votes.The more passionately you support one entry , the more times you vote for it ! Obviously , heat 8 had nothing interesting to offer = FEW VOTES !
    In heat #9 , I am voting for Sweden.
    PS : I am predicting a new record of votes this time 😉

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