Croatia: ‘Nebo’ to be recorded in different languages!

Nina will record her song in English, and in a couple of other languages, and all of them will be released before Eurovision. The listeners of Turki Party also found out that the members of her Eurovision team are going to be Ivana Čabraja, Jelena Majić, Danijela Večerinović, choreographer Igor Barbarić, Dinko Zec and Ante Gelo (who did the arrangements of the final version of “Nebo”). Joining Nina on stage will be two dancers, and three backing vocalists. It will be an “original and a completely different” performance.

For all her fans, Nina says that she is not promising to win – Loreen will win, the grannies from Russia will come second, as they are so sweet and everyone will send at least one vote for them, and with a laughter she says she should then be third. She’s going to give her best, and doesn’t promise a top five or a top ten result, not even a qualification for the final, as it is a contest where you will either win or lose.


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