Belgium: Iris to release her debut album on April 26th!

The Belgian Entrant to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Iris, has revealed that she will be releasing her debut album on April 26th, It will be called ‘Seventeen’, Seventeen will content her entry ‘Would You?’.

The Flemish singer will present her album on a special event scheduled for April 25th, and her album will be available on stores and digital format on the next day, Seventeen is now available for pre-order.

Iris will perform her song in the first semi final, will she manage to be the 3rd belgian representative to appear on the final?


2 comments on “Belgium: Iris to release her debut album on April 26th!

  1. I like her entry a lot now!! It’s such a grower! Great ballad, I really do not understand why ppl “throw stones” at it all the time , everywhere, and in YT is very unpopular!? :/
    Personally I think is great ballad, American style, singer is maybe too young and lacks confidence on the stage! But if voice will be like in their NF, i expect to like it very much!!

  2. Congratulations to young Iris for her accomplishment, and I hope it sells well, although I must admit that I will not be a customer. Something about her voice, which I recognize as a technically good voice, does not appeal to me. In fact, it bothers me so much that I have only been able to listen to her song all the way to the end of the song twice. It is my least-liked ballad this year, and it currently gets a 3/12 from me.

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