OGAE Slovenia: Spain 12 points!

The Slovenian OGAE club, has revealed their votes for the Eurovision 2012!

This is how they voted:

12. Spain
10. Iceland
8. Serbia
7. Sweden
6. France
5. U.K.
4. Cyprus
3. Russia
2. Macedonia
1. Italy

More OGAE clubs will reveal their votes in the upcoming weeks, here are the current standings:

  1. Sweden
  2. Serbia
  3. Cyprus – Spain
  4. Iceland
  5. France
  6. Denmark
  7. Switzerland
  8. Romania – U.K.
  9. Greece
  10. Russia
  11. Norway – Macedonia
  12. Estonia – Italy

7 comments on “OGAE Slovenia: Spain 12 points!

  1. GOOD SPAIN!! Thank you so much Slovenia!! I think this year Spain is sending a great singer, great song, great chorus… well, great everything!! Let’s hope it continues like this!!! 😀

  2. Real points from Slovenia will be very different! i expect points from Slovenia to Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany and Sweden! I think Span will get 0 from Slovenian televoting, maybe jury will give some points, but in the end I expect MAXIMUM 3 points from Slovenia to Spain.

    • We’ll see… maybe this year is different! But anyways.. I know Spain is not voted so much by the east countries… maybe Romania or Israel but nothing more!! 😦

      • Well Spain also ignores some countries, such as Serbia (they gave 1 point to “Molitva” in 2007 when we won, and 1 point to “Lane moje” in 2004) so you shouldn’t complain if some countries ignore Spain in televoting…

      • At least we gave points (at least 1) to Serbia… We had, as usually, null points from Serbia… But please, don’t argue! I didn’t had a very good day today and to start arguing about don’t complaining of that no country give us pints and that we only gave you one point in 2004/2007 or that you don’t give us points…. So leave that between the both of the countries (Spain and Serbia) we don’t give much points and that’s it ok?? And BTW, in the last years we have given a lot of points to east countries and for example France 3 points, Portugal 6…. But doesn’t matter… that’s the end of the argue…

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