Inactive Countries: Armenia!

The Republic of Armenia debuted at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens, and AMPTV was really happy of participating in Eurovision.

So for the first participation, Armenia selected André, who sang ‘Without Your Love’, André surprisingly qualified to the grand final, and he came 8th. Armenia confirmed for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Helsinki, Armenia qualified directly to the final because the previous year André came 8th, Armenia selected Hayko, who sang ‘Anytime you Need’ and also came 8th. Armenia confirmed for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade, they selected Sirusho who sand ‘Qele Qele’, and came 4th in the grand final, it’s Armenia’s best result so far.

AMPTV confirmed for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest held in Moscow, they selected the sisters Inga & Anush Arshakyan, and they sang ‘Jan Jan’, they came 10th, Armenia’s worst result in a grand final, in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest the postcards showed the most important buildings or monuments of each country, and Armenia’s postcard showed a monument called We Are Our Mountains so representatives from Azerbaijan, the host country of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, complained to the European Broadcasting Union about the use of We Are Our Mountains in the Armenian intro, since the country considers Nagorno-Karabakh a de jure part of Azerbaijan, in response to the complaint, the image was edited out of the video in the finals. However, Armenia would retaliate for the decision by including multiple images of the monument in its voting presentation—on a video screen in the background, and on the back of Sirusho’s clipboard.

AMPTV confirmed for the 2010 contest, and selected Eva Rivas with the song ‘Apricot Stone’ and came 7th in the grand final, Armenia’s second best result. AMPTV confirmed for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, and selected internally the Armenian pop icon Emmy Benjanyan and the Armenian public Selected ‘Boom Boom’ , Emmy failed to qualify and came 12th in the first semifinal.

When the EBU published the official list of the participating countries in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Armenia appeared, and was later drawn in the Second Semifinal, but however on March 7th, AMPTV withdrew from the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and said that on February 24th, over twenty Armenian singers signed a petition asking AMPTV to withdraw from the contest. They cited the death of an Armenian soldier who was allegedly shot by an Azerbaijani sniper a few days earlier in the violated ceasefire as a reason for their “refusal to perform in the contest. However it was found that the Armenian soldier was shot by another Armenian soldier, but despite that, the Armenian singers claim that Armenia should not participate this year and that they would have called for the boycott of Eurovision in Baku even if the Armenian soldier had not been killed.

AMPTV said that it was no longer confident that the Azerbaijani authorities would carry out their promise to guarantee the security of the Armenian delegation after Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, in a speech given on 28 February 2012, had stated that Azerbaijan’s “main enemies are Armenians of the world”. They could not send participants to a country where they “will be greeted as an enemy”, AMPTV explained. The Contest Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand stated that EBU was “truly disappointed” with Armenia’s withdrawal, and that “despite the efforts of the EBU and the Host Broadcaster to ensure a smooth participation for the Armenian delegation in this year’s Contest, circumstances beyond our control lead to this unfortunate decision.

Here is a recap of all the Armenian entries, enjoy! let’s hope we see Armenia in 2013! 😀


12 comments on “Inactive Countries: Armenia!

  1. I will not comment to this article. If I will add my comment “some person’s” will attack on me, I don’t want the second scandal.

  2. Well, one might call Armenia in ESC all different things but they most certainly have only rarely been boring. They sent one of the most interesting acts of the last years (2009), some of the most ludicrous performances (the bondage act in 2006, Sirusho’s flying breasts in 2008 and Emmy’s silly boxing routine last year) and always enjoyed their little fights with Azerbaijan (2009). I think that it is a shame that we won’t see and hear an Armenian artist in Baku in particular because this proves that the Caucasus region still works pretty differently from the rest of Europe by thinking in enemy categories. (Please note that I do not take sides because I am not familiar enough with the contest. I only know that the current status quo and the rhetorics on both sides make my hair stand on end. 😦

  3. I’ll miss Armenia this year. They are one of the most-interesting countries musically, and they even made me like a shake it (2008 and “guilty-pleasure” 2011). I’ve never disliked a song from Armenia, and they are one of four countries to have not sent anything I disliked since 2004, which is everything sent by every country on that list except Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  4. I haven’t liked any of the entries that they have sent so far, I was indifferent to most of them, but ‘Qele qele’ was rather irritating and the vocal performance was awful and ‘Boom boom’ was awful in just about every way. I think Armenia has been very overrated and the entries all did well because lots of points came from the same donors every time. I expect they will return and I hope they will finally send a song that I like.

  5. I dislike all entries from this country, THE WORST ESC country EVER! Everything was EMBARRASSING and AND, bad reputation for festival, 2008 and 2011, I REALLY CAN”T BELIEVE!! I agree with Daniel and i don’t find anything funny and interesting about them as Toggie said! :/ 😦 😦 Please if you come back next year have a bit more sense, look at Eleftheria Eleftheriou, she has cheap song, but sells it well and in a good way! Hope she won’t let me down in Baku!

  6. Considering the way Armenia’s been treated by Azerbaijan, it’s not so strange for the country to pull out. The human rights violations occurring in favour of “modernizing” fast enough for the contest are also deplorable. I’m hoping there’s something better than Azerbaijan’s last year’s winner to take fist place this year

      • If I’m not mistaken, that’s the angry emoticon. If so, what is your anger towards? Nothing I said was false in there. PS: both countries are subject to propaganda, but the constant criticism of near everything in Armenia negates much of the effect propaganda would have on it. On the other hand, Azerbaijan’s kept in a fascist grip. Funny enough, it was Armenia that Aliyev called fascist :/ Still trying to figure this one out.

      • Nooo, it’s was just : and @. Lady, pls I don’t want to answer you in such a good place (IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BELIEVE IN YOU, THEN NO PROBLEM)… We in the site of Eurovision! Cheers!

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