Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 7 & Heat 8!

Hello again readers! The poll of heat 7 is closed and now we can announce the results, here they are!

3rd place with 6 points: Lithuania

2nd place with 182 points: Austria

1st place with 188 points: the Netherlands! Joan qualifies! Good luck!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 8!

In this heat the contenders will be Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary

In this heat maybe it will be harder to choose than the last 2 heats! So think clear and make up your mind! Here are the videos!

Turkey: Can Bonomo – Love me Back

Ukraine: Gaitana – Be my Guest

Hungary: Compact Disco – Sound of Our Hearts

Here’s the poll to cast your vote! As it is a competition you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in two days with the results!


6 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 7 & Heat 8!

  1. mmmm… I’m between Turkey and Hungary….. but I think Turkey deserves the first place!! It’s very good the song and I like it pretty much!! 😀

  2. Turkey , but this heat is so weak it is unfair for other countries being eliminated while participating in stronger heats…Austria was 6 votes away from winning last heat 😉

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