Inactive Countries: Andorra!

The Principality of Andorra has only participated 6 times, debuting at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, but never managed to qualify for the grand final.

RTVA was really exited with the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, they used an Internal Selection, and sent Marta Roure with the song ‘Jugarem a Estimar-nos’ (We will play to love each other) but Andorra, didn’t had good results, they ended in 18th place in a field of 22 with only the 12 points that Spain gave them. RTVA confirmed for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and sent Marian van de Wal with ‘La Mirada Interior’ (The Inner Look)  and she also failed to qualify and came 23rd with only 27 points, RTVA confirmed for 2006, they sent Jenny with ‘Sense Tu’ (Without You) and Jenny gave Andorra it’s worst result, coming last with only 8 points, RTVA confirmed for 2007, they sent the boy band ‘Anonymous’ with ‘Salvem el Món’ (Let’s Save the World) even though it was of the favorites, not to win, only to qualify, they didn’t managed to qualify, but they gave Andorra it’s best result, 12th in a field of 28, RTVA confirmed for 2008, they sent Gisela with ‘Casanova’ she also didn’t managed to qualify, coming 16th with only 22 points, again RTVA confirmed for the next Eurovision, they sent the 90´s superstar ‘Susanne Georgi’ who sang with her sister the world famous hit ‘Dub I Dub’ , Susanne sang ‘La Teva Desició’ (Your Desicion) she came 15th with only 8 points in a field of 17, It is Andorra’s last participation so far.

In the confirmation season for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, RTVA said that due to financial trouble, Andorra wont participate in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Later, in the confirmation season for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, there were strong rumors that RTVA was considering to return, however the RTVA head of delegation Jordi Maticella said that due to financial trouble again, Andorra wont take part.

And finally in the  confirmation season for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, RTVA said that due to big financial trouble, RTVA would leave the EBU because of personnel cuts, RTVA’s crew only consisted of around 100 people, and that number was reduced to 80.

Still, RTVA could rejoin the EBU, but it’s unexpected to happen in the near future.

In conclusion, Andorra is the most patient country in Eurovision, because, they are a micro state so their resources are limited, like sponsorship and artists, after 5 years of non qualifying Andorra still confirmed their participation, they still want to rejoin Eurovision.

Let’s hope they return, qualify (at least), and maybe win!

Here are the videos! 🙂

2004: Marta Roure – ‘Jugarem a Estimar-nos’

2005:  Marian van de Wal – ‘La Mirada Interior’

2006: Jenny – ‘Sense Tu’

2007: Anonymous – ‘Salvem el Món’

2008: Gisela – ‘Casanova’

2009: Susanne Georgi – ‘La Teva Desició’

Tomorrow we will end this series, with the final country to discuss about, Armenia!


45 comments on “Inactive Countries: Andorra!

  1. Andorra is among the most unfairly treated countries in ESC. They came almost last with good songs and failed to qualify for the final with one of the best songs in 2007. It is the country I miss most in ESC these days … yes, even more than Luxemburg, which mostly sent cr*p for the last 15 years they participated.
    I hope that Andorra manages to return to ESC and that they will be more successful then but I think this very unlikely.

  2. I loved Andorra in Eurovision, although I can see why they sometimes didn’t get the results they wanted. A good example of this is Andorra 2004. When I first heard the song, I thought it was pretty bad, not a “horrific monstrocity” but not great. However, with time, I’ve grown to really like it (especially the studio version, although I’ve come to like the live as well).

    That being said, they were ROBBED in 2006 & 2007, likely 2005 too, but I’m not as adamant about that.

    They deserved to stay in the semis in 2008 though. Gisela’s live was terrible, the song was crap, and I detest everything about it.

    • I agree that 2008 was the only year Andorra definitely did not deserve to qualify. I have been told that ‘Casanova’ is the most popular Andorran ESC song at OGAE parties nevertheless. Oh my, OGAE …

      • That’s OGAE for you. Bleh, ‘Casanova’. Gisela is my 39th in 2008. It was simply that bad.

        The only year Andorra gets into my personal top 5 is in 2006 (when it came last of course), although 2007 is my favorite Andorra entry. 2007 was just a stronger year.

  3. Not good ESC country, no surprise why it is always the last in semifinal (almost always)..and don’t try to convince me it will do better competing for bigger and some other countries, because it simply won’t..they all were amateurs and not good at all… in 2005 song was OK, but when I saw performance, dress and singer (also live singing was weak and out of tune) I really couldn’t stand that, it was HORRIBLE! NO COMMENT! :/

    • Why do you always say NO COMMENT when you have just commented? It doesn’t make sense … And of course Andorra would have qualified in 2007 if Anonymous had represented a more televoting friendly country. They came very close after all. Sorry Marko, but sometimes it is very difficult to take your arguments seriously. But perhaps you do not want to be taken seriously in the first place … In the virtual world everything is only a game after all …

      • I forgot to write (anybody don’t convince me) because I didn’t tell anything to you actually, it was just a comment for everybody, and as you can se i didn’t press replay on your comment, when i tell to you i press replay on your comment or if it’s impossible I write “@ Toggie” and then comment, but If you answered me i will answer to you! Yes maybe they were close in 2007, but if they get to the final they will end in the bottom there… now you will tell me you don’t care results and I’m really tired of that answer any more, because with that answer you just always try to justify your taste and there is no need for that because I know that you like Andorra in ESC and that’s it, BIT I STILL AND ALWAYS WILL THINK THAT SONGS WERE WEAK, AND SINGERS, MALTA IS ALSO SMALL COOUNTRY BUT MANY TIMES ACHIEVED BETTER RESULTS WITH 100% TELEVOTING, EVEN 2ND PLACE IN 2005, IF ANY OF ANDORRAN SONGS WAS REAL QUALITY (YOU ARE EXPERT IN EVERYTHING SO IN MUSIC AS WELL) THEY WILL AT LEAST BE REMEMBERED AND PRISED BY ANYBODY – TELEVOTING, OGAE, FANS ON SITES, EXPERTS, JURIES, BUT THEY WEREN’T AND I HAVE FULL RIGHT TO COMMENT THAT THEY ARE WEAK ESC COUNTRY BECAUSE FOR ME AND MANY OTHER PPL THEY ARE!! AND ONCE AGAIN it wasn’t comment for you and if you can’t take my comments seriously i don’t care! It’s my opinion and opinion of millions!

        i’m sorry, i pressed caps lock at one moment during writing, now is too late to correct that so I leave comment like this!

      • Hi Patrick, I’m very good!!

        Read my comment again, I will copy/paste it:
        “Not good ESC country, no surprise why it is always the last in semifinal (almost always)..and don’t try to convince me it will do better competing for bigger and some other countries, because it simply won’t..they all were amateurs and not good at all… in 2005 song was OK, but when I saw performance, dress and singer (also live singing was weak and out of tune) I really couldn’t stand that, it was HORRIBLE! NO COMMENT! :/”

        Hmmm I really don’t understand you!
        How you concluded that I’m in a bad mood based on this!? :/ I always in my life think that for Andorra in ESC and I know MAAAAANY ppl who think the same and results in ESC proves that s well!
        If this place becomes only for positive comments i will leave it, because many things and many countries in ESC (IMO) are bad thus they deserve negative comments, i simply don’t like to pretend and lie so I’m really tired and bored of Toggie’s and some other’s perception that all comments must be positive and if you don’t like smth you better skip commenting than making some negative comments, my attitude is different and I make negative comments as well as positive when there is a need ! And the most interesting thing is that I even saw at least 10 veryyy negativ comments from Toggie about Austria this year, but you and anybody else don’t come after that comment and ask him if he is in a bad mood! :/ Strange!

  4. @Marko:
    Oh no, I’m not talking about just this comment. I understood that this comment wasn’t that bad, but it just seems like the tone of your comments have become more agitated in the past week or two. I mean this for your comments in general, not just your openly negative comments. For example, your comment about Romania giving 12-points to Moldova bringing making the contest sink deeper in your eyes. Maybe it’s because your comments are always so emotional, and I’ve been stressed lately. Maybe I’m just projecting my stress onto you.

    I have my report on the tulip markets of Early Modern Holland due tomorrow, and my terrible procrastination skills means that I still have about a hundred pages of text to read before I’ve finished reading my sources.

    Anyway, it’s great to hear that you’re doing well!

    • Yes I stand behind that as well..Moldova is the worse ESC country when it come to voting, when all countries gave some points to Lena Meyer Landrut in 2010 (winner) , they gave big fat 0 and they always vote only for neighbors and ex Soviet countries…and ALWAYS 12 to Romania, whatever they send, so If this year all other countries will boycott Pasha Parfeny (jury and televoting) and they give him 12, well yes dear Patrick that will be the bottom of ESC, because his song simply is GARBAGE!!

      I’m sorry if you are under huge stress these days and I hope will be better soon, I’m as well, but I know for worse days…

      P.S. Atm I’m writing this HRT 1 plays Nina Badric “Nebo”, they play it every day!
      I’m so sad she changed version, I want RnB tunes in ESC, I’m sick of violins and other shites any more!! 😦

      • I will respectfully disagree with you about the quality of the Moldavian entry, but I understand your point.

        The stress is entirely my own fault, so I really can’t complain. It’ll be over today… for about two days.

        I actually didn’t care about the change they made to “Nebo” either way. It didn’t move on my rankings at all, but I’m sorry that you don’t like it. Since you like the old version more, it’s a shame that they changed it.

  5. @ Marko, but I am allowed to reply to your comment even if you weren’t talking to me … or am I not? Btw, your last comment doesn’t make sense because I never said that your opinion was wrong or less valid than any other or whatever. I have got the impression that you are simply in a mood for fighting these days and therefore post all those generalising black and white comments which provoke others to react (You did it again in your reply to my comment by insinuating all different stuff I never said and you perfectly know is untrue … posting just for the sake of causing commotion …). 😦 I prefer talking to you when you are in sensible mode because then you actually have some interesting things to say. 🙂

  6. On an on-topic note: Marta Roure has done it again.
    I’ll play her song and continually think it is an okay or an above-average song and not think about anything else. However, it never fails that I begin to listen to it over and over again. It’s the weirdest thing.

  7. You ppl have to understand that I make difference between “what I don’t like” and “GARBAGE”, for example I hate Estonia 2009 – Urban simphony, but I never call it garbage, while Pasha Parffeny I call GARBAGE because it really is!!!

  8. The best Andorran entries is 2007 (Salvem El Mon) and 2009 (La Teva Decisio). I think that this country never will return to Eurovision, unfortunately. But I want to see all European countries in ESC, of course, with good entries… 😦

  9. Andorra is the country that I miss most in Eurovision, I absolutely love ‘La mirada interior’ and ‘Sense tu’. Small countries without lots of friendly neighbours or voting diasporas have been squeezed out too much in the contest in recent years. I don’t expect Andorra to return and I can’t really blame them, but it’s a real shame.

    • Daniel, why Malta then can get good results, population of Malta is very small, diaspora is very small, no neighbors… I believe that if Andorra sent Julie & Ludwig and Chiara televoting will vote them the same way! I can’t believe you like 2005 performance of Andorra, it’s really UGLY as HELL, it’s EMBARRASSING for this festival! If she performed outside of ESC that song I suppose pl will throw eggs at that poor singer! 😦

      • Marko, since the expansion of the contest in 2004, Malta has failed to qualify for the final 4 times and has come in the bottom 5 in the final twice. I’m not saying it’s an absolute thing, but it is generally the case. It’s also worth noting that Malta would have qualified in both 2010 and 2011 with a jury only vote.

    • Singer of “La teva decisio” is actually completely from Denmark! So I think you should say Denmark has so much to give us! 😉

      • But Susanne lives in Andorra (or at least had lived for some years back then. I don’t know if she still lives there). According to this logic, Sürpriz did not represent Germany in 99 either … 😉

  10. Andorra 2004 : 6/12.
    Andorra 2005 : 4/12. ( Horror , stage-wise )
    Andorra 2006 : 7/12. ( Again , not a very tasteful stage presentation )
    Andorra 2007 : 5/12 ( Noisy , repetitive, averagely performed.Why the hype? )
    Andorra 2008 : 1/12. ( Detest it ).
    Andorra 2009 : 5/12. Sweet but bland and not memorable.

    To sum up I really don’t get why some esc fans think Andorra is underrated.They never gave us a strong act IMO and the only song of theirs that I liked was their 2006 one but again the stage presentation was tasteless…
    All these theories about micro states and Portugal destined to fail due to lack of support/neighbours are starting to get on my nerves cause clearly neither San Marino nor Andorra have sent an ACT like “Satellite” or “Fairytale”…

  11. @ Marko

    Markoo, I edited my profile. Pls, look at my points. I think you will shocked. But what I can do? This year have a lot songs that I just hate! 😦

    • Haven’t you read my comment? Susanne had lived in Andorra for several years when she represented the country in ESC (same with Dutch Marian van de Wal, who owns a hotel in Andorra. Jennifer was a Spanish girl living and working in Andorra all the time and Anonymous were all students from Andorra. Gisela is the only one who did not have any connection to Andorra … and I do not know about Marta Roure because I only started getting into ESC in a serious way in 2005). If you want to bash certain countries, please get your facts right at least.

      • Pfffffffffffffff…NO COMMENT! :/
        If they payed for foreign singers then they should have chosen at least somebody less amateurish and horrible than those creatures! :/
        Now enough about them (from me), you can continue if you wish, because they all together don’t deserve so many comments from me!

      • Sorry for interrupting your long and “friendly” talk, but I just want to confirm that Marta Roure IS from Andorra (she was born in Andorra la Vella – 1981)!

        @mb: Really, do you REALLY think Andorra CAN actually send professional singers who live or were born there? It’s a small country, small capital, very small towns… what else can you expect? And – although they are not the best singers – they tried it, and for me they were not that bad!! For example; in 2007, they were really good, and I KNOW for sure that for catalans or people who has the catalan as the official language, is very difficult to them to sing for example in spanish, and in English even worse!! The catalan-speakers are very closed-minded and they don’t like to change their way of thinking or doing things…. and singing the chorus in english is very open-minded for their way of living!! And for example in 2008, Casanova…. 3 AND A HALF/4 parts of the song was in ENGLISH!! So (for my thoughts) they definitely deserved the final those years!! The other years… well, they were good and for me even better because I live in Catalonia and speak catalan so I understood the lyrics of the song…. but they were not as good as the ones who truly went to the final… Now, don’t take it personally, but I think you’re a bit annoyed or stressed with someone, something… but please don’t spread it to us!! Really, today I just was like I didn’t want to talk to anybody!! :S

        Sorry for appearing like suddenly, but I REALLY needed to make the comment and be like more fresh to making comments!! 😉

  12. @ Marko

    You obviously don’t care much for facts, truth and reality if you are in the mood you are in these days. Please tell me when you are back to normal because your company definitely isn’t fun atm. In fact, I get the impression that you deliberately try to hurt other people. Won’t work though because this is not the real world …

    • I didn’t say anything bad to anybody! I just commented singers from Andorra in ESC! You can read my comment and you will see that! Actually they discuss about my mood which is not topic at all! I have right to comment singers from Andorra negative or not? Next time tell me in advance If i don’t! GOSH! :/

      • It is not a question of content but a question of tone and phrasing, at least imo … and no, I won’t quote ‘Drama Queen’ now although I am tempted to do so … ♫♪♫

  13. @ SamsMichael

    That is the problem, I don’t care they are from abroad and not from Andorra, but if they have to pick from abroad better to pick better singers, not those horrible amateurs! YUCK, what a disgusting and embarrassing bunch of random ppl! :/

    NOW really don’t replay to me any more about them because i said what i had to say about them because I have right to comment my opinion and that is the topic! FULL STOP!

  14. You can ban me from the site but I will comment on singers like I think until I’m here! if I think they are OK I will comment positive if not then negative, it’s very logical I guess!

    Good night! 🙂

    • I wont ban you, cause you don’t deserve it, also I wasn’t talking in past, I was referring of what could happen in the future, anyway you can comment anything you want, I actually like how you express yourself, but just don’t hurt anybody ok?

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