Eurovision Battle: Results of heat 6 & Heat 7!

Hello, dear readers, I’m glad to announce that the poll of Heat 6 is closed and that we have, shocking results, in this heat the total count of votes was 293 which is awesome because it’s a new record, thank you!

And well here are the results

3rd place with 8 points: Malta!

2nd place with 136 points: Belgium!

1st place with 149 points: Portugal! Filipa advances! Best of luck!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 7!

In this heat the contenders will be the Netherlands, Lithuania and Austria 🙂 Let the best win!

In this heat some people will find it hard to choose and others easy, if you find it hard, see this videos to make your mind! Think clear!

Netherlands: Joan Franka – You and Me!

Lithuania: Donny Montell – Love is Blind!

Austria: Trackshittaz – Woki Mit Deim Popo!

Here is the poll to cast your vote! As it is a competition, you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in two days with the results!


7 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of heat 6 & Heat 7!

  1. Netherlands is my choice here, the song has grown on me a little of late. Lithuania doesn’t appeal to me at all and Austria gives me nightmares.


    I saw the national selection in and I was completely amazed with the song!! I DEFITNITELY LOVE IT!

    Lithuania… well, it’s not bad but it’s not good…. 😛

    Austria…. Personally? HORROR! I hate this year’s entry for austria!

  3. Austria do bad this year among fans because it is gay contest, if it wasn’t gay contest Austria will do much better 100%!

    Portugal won this heat but who will vote for Portugal in ESC? NOBODY! And Portugal has Babic for the 2nd time in few years, hmmm Portugal is also to be accused for using foreign composers, but no ppl here only bash Azerbaijan for that! NO COMMENT! :/
    Even in this poll Belgium (who is the last with betting odds in ESC this year) almost beat Portugal, so that says everything! :/
    Use Babic Portugal but that won’t help you!

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