My Eurovision Diary to present its Spanish version after Eurovision!

Shortly after the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 ends, My Eurovision Diary will have a Spanish language version! Because spanish is widely understood worldwide! We will also have our own twitter account in Spanish! Stay tuned 🙂

Poco después de Eurovisión 2012 My Eurovision Diary ‘Diario de Eurovisión’ se estrenara, para asi todos los que hablen Español, puedan entender mejor! Hasta Diario de Eurovisión tendrá su propia cuenta de Twitter! No dejes de visitarnos 🙂


10 comments on “My Eurovision Diary to present its Spanish version after Eurovision!

      • Yes, I speak Spanish because I studied the language at university and was in Spain for a year in 2006. Now I live in Stuttgart.

      • Good to know that!! So you don’t speak only Spanish and English, but also German? WOW! Trilingual! hehehe!! I know Spanish, English, Catalan, almost done with French and this is my second year taking German courses!! 🙂

  1. Well… you will have a lot work to do, if you don’t speak prefect spanish… Two webpages to manage and also twitter account is difficult… but I’m sure you’ll make it fine!!

    I’m glad you speak spanish, now we are three here (togravus, you and I) who are totally bilingual!! 😀 😀

    • I speak French too … and Latin (but that doesn’t help much …) … and I can survive in some other languages (with limited vocabulary and grammatical mistakes) like Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Maltese …

    • Lo se pero como el español es mi idioma nativo, no tendré ningun problema 🙂 y con el twitter no es mucho problema, wordpress los hace automaticamente con el publicize. y también por eso contratare mas gente para que pueda publicar noticias pero en el de español, porque como este es en ingles tendra mas visitas estare un poco mas al pendiente

  2. I feel like a dumb now 🙂 only Turkish and English for me!I can’t include Itallian,German and Hebrew although I took some lessons…I suck at languages obviously 🙂 Congrats for Spanish version 😉

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