Inactive Countries: Monaco!

The Principality of Monaco, probably, when you think about Monaco in the Eurovision, you think about contests prior to 1979, a really vintage country in the Eurovision, don’t you think? Anyway, the tiny principality has taken part only 3 times in this century achieving poor results, TMC says that right now, they can’t afford the participation fees and that they can’t ask for sponsorship to France 3 because in their treaty they can only be supported technically by France 3, also another potential sponsor, the Monegasque royal family, the Grimaldi, has denied sponsorship for participations in the Eurovision. The EBU has made a lot effort in bringing back Monaco to the Eurovision, but failed

Monaco had it’s golden age in the 60’s and 70’s, winning in 1971, achieving a 2nd place in 1962 and and 3 3rd places in 1960, 64 and 76.

During the confirmation season for the 2012 contest, there were strong rumors that Monaco would return to the Eurovision, but later the head of delegation of TMC, Phill Bosco said that there’s lack of budget and that a Monegasque return is unexpected in the near future.

The whole Eurovision, or most of it, really hopes that Monaco returns to the Eurovision, it would be so awesome. Let’s hope for a near Monegasque return!

Finally here’s the only Monegasque winning entry so far:

1971: Séverine – Un banc, Un arbre, Une rue

And the latest Monegasque entries:

2004: Maryon – Notre Planète

Lise Darly – Tout de moi

2006: Séverine Ferrer – La Coco Dance

Tomorrow we will talk about Poland!


7 comments on “Inactive Countries: Monaco!

  1. I heard now, and I like entry from 2004 (6/12), other songs not my cup of tea! I hope Monaco will return to soon… 🙂

  2. As I have said on a previous article, Monaco was robbed in 2005. Lise Darly’s second to last place is among the biggest scandals in the history of ESC ever, in particular if we consider that the total crap (sorry but when I see a spade, I call it a spade …) from Macedonia qualified for the final. 2005 to 2008 we saw block and diaspora voting at its worst. If people had voted a bit more objectively, the EBU would probably never have felt the need to bring the juries back. I guess that it was the scandalous result of Portugal in 2008 (Vânia ending up below those tacky Latvian pirates f. e.) that finally made them decide to bring the juries back.

  3. Oh, and I forgot. My favourite Monegasque entry is Françoise Hardy’s ‘L’amour s’en va’ (1963) and I love both Romuald songs too (1964 and 1974) too. Please come back Monaco!

  4. I don’t know if you think the same as me, but don’t you notice that in the last century, the majority of the songs which sing about saving the world, they have poor places!! For example Monaco’s “Notre Planete” (Our Planet) didn’t qualify for the final, nor Andorra’s same year “Salvem al mon” (Let’s save the world) didn’t qualify for the final either. In the final last year (Dusseldorf), Finland sent Paradise Oskar’s “Da Da Dam” (Which was all about saving the world), came position 21, with 57 points. And the same year, Romania sent it’s wonderful entry “Change” by Hotel FM, which was also about saving the world, came 17. The only one that succeed about the same theme was Denmark with “New Tomorrow”, which was personally my favorite!

    I’m not concerned, but I think there is no year which a “Saving the planet” song didn’t won Eurovision. What a putty, because they are generally good!!

  5. I was delighted when Monaco returned to the contest in 2004 and disappointed, but not surprised, when they departed again. Sadly I don’t expect to see them return in future.

    I loved ‘Tout de moi’ and think it’s quite shocking how bad it did. I like the second half of ‘Notre planète’ too. ‘La coco-dance’ was dreadful. Of the earlier entries, my favourites are:

    1963 L’amour s’en va
    1971 Un banc, un arbre, une rue
    1974 Celui qui reste et celui qui s’en va
    1977 Une petite Française

  6. A bit late, but I feel that I have to comment here too. I agree with both togravus and daniel, “Tout de moi” was a great song that definately deserved to be in the final. The two other songs were both nice, but not great (the coco dance was quite silly, actually). My favourite Monegasque entry, apart from their winning song, is “Ce soir-là”, followed by the songs from 1961 and 1974.

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