Inactive Countries: Morocco!

Now that Eurovision is so close let’s have a talk about the inactive countries!

The Kingdom of Morocco, the most mystic country in the Eurovision, has only taken part once, in 1980 when Samira Saïd san Bitaqat Hob (Love Message) and came 18th only ahead of Finland and the contest was held in The Hague, there are many roumors about Morocco’s withdrawal.

One says that the King Hassan II was heavily disappointed with the result achieved by Morocco and he promised that Morroco will never return to the contest. He has already passed away.

The other one says that Morocco wanted to take part in the 1981 contest, but Israel confirmed it’s return and because of that, Morocco decided to withdraw, but the facts that oppose to this rumor is that Morocco has diplomatic relations with Israel and recognizes the Jewish state, so they could have returned, and if also Morocco doesn’t want to return because of Israel, Israel has not taken part in other contests.

The moroccan broadcaster SNRT (Société nationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision) is really close to the government but a rival broadcaster 2MTV has expressed its intentions to join the EBU in order to take part in the contest, note that 2MTV is a taboo breaking broadcaster.

In 2011, during the confirmation season for the 2012 contest, SNRT expressed its intentions to return, also the french head of delegation said that Morocco was really considering a return to the contest because of several reasons. But they finally decided not to take part. Let’s hope that they return to the 2013 contest, We really need Morocco, Moroccan music is heavily famous in Europe, also as Morocco’s neighbors are the Saharawi Republic and Algeria, Morocco wont vote to it’s neighbors, well maybe for Spain, they are neighbors too.

Well, here’s the only Moroccan entry so far, enjoy.

Samira Saïd – Bitaqat Hob


Tomorrow we will discuss about Monaco!



5 comments on “Inactive Countries: Morocco!

  1. With only one participation and a song I like a lot Morocco spoils all my statistics. LOL Well, you need at least three figures to calculate a reliable average and thus I sadly exclude Morocco from all ESC statistics. It would be so great if they came back and shared the stage with Israel this time.

  2. I like the only Moroccan entry that we had in the contest. However, I am not terribly enthusiastic about them returning, as I think it would be one more diaspora drain on votes, making it harder still for some countries to achieve decent results.

  3. I’d like it if Morocco came back again, if only to see what sort of entry they would submitthis time around.

  4. What is an African country doing in Eurovision? I hope they’ll never return again -.- It is an European contest, and we already have some Asian countries (Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey etc), we don’t need African too.

    • Well, Stefan. I understand your point, but if we have and African country which has a lot of union with European countries… I don’t think that will harm anybody… Oh well, it can hurt you…

      And it’s one country… ONE… and sorry if somebody is against me… but it’s not a favorite country that people want that comes back. It’s a normal country which would fight to enter the final!

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