Eurovision Battle: Heat 5 results and Heat 6!

Hello again readers, I’m glad to say that Heat 5’s poll is closed and that we have the results, the country that I didn’t expected to win won and the country that I didn’t expected to lose lost. But anyway here are the results!

3rd place with 17 points: Republic of Macedonia

2nd place with 34 points: Slovakia

1st place with 65 points: Finland! Well done Pernilla, best of luck! 😉

Now let’s proceed with Heat 6!

In this heat the contenders will be: Portugal, Belgium and Malta!

Here are  the videos, in this heat probably it will be easy to choose, but still think clear! Good luck to everyone!

Portugal: Filipa Sousa – Vida Minha (Life of Mine)

Belgium: Iris – Would You?

Malta: Kurt Calleja – This is the Night

Here’s the poll to cast your vote, you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in two days with the results!


17 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Heat 5 results and Heat 6!

  1. Yes! Pernilla made it!
    On the other hand, I don’t really care at all who wins this round. None of the songs really appeal to me, but I guess I’ll vote for Portugal

  2. Poor Kaliopi. I fear that it will be similar in ESC … but losing to that generic thing from Slovakia is a bit much …

    Heat 6: No second thoughts … Portugal!

  3. Portugal my number 3 in my Top 42. Beautiful song, and I love Portuguese, veeeery sweet… 🙂 But Maltese song is good, too. Hmm… My vote for “Vida Minha”.

    Heat 6:
    2. MALTA
    3. BELGIUM

  4. And what about belgium?? I like her voice and the song is very sweet and – although I like very much portugal – I would vote first to Belgium! I know that at the beginning sings out of tune a bit but then she sings very lovely!!

    1. Belgium
    2. Portugal
    3. Malta

    Well… I will have to listen to the portuguese song again because I don’t really remember the melody or the song…. I’ll listen to it and then I will put my final decision!! 😀

  5. My vote goes to Portugal, as I at least partly like the song. Belgium is below average and Malta is pretty awful.

    • I agree with you with the Maltese song, but know that I heard the portuguese song again, I agree that is very sweet and I like it. For me Belgium and Portugal are the same good, but Malta is not in my average a Eurovision song should be!!

  6. Hi dear Daniel :-******, some of my esc “friends” didn’t call me to this site and they are always here, but thanks to my REAL friend Alex from Azerbaijan, now I find this place.. 🙂

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