Inactive Countries: Luxembourg!

Now that Eurovision is so close let’s have a talk about the inactive countries!

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, once one of the best countries in the Eurovision, Winning 5 times, most of the times achieving good results, well it was until the second half of the 1980 decade, and because of that, they withdrew from the 1994 contest after Modern Times achieved only  place in Milstreet.

Luexembourg has never returned since, maybe, the Luxembourgish people are not interested anymore, or maybe it’s just a tantrum. Since then Luxembourg has only expressed intentions to return 3 times the first was in 2005, RTL was seriously considering to return but later withdrew, and the day that they withdrew from the 2005 contest RTL said that ‘Luxembourg will never NEVER return’, however, in 2008 RTL again expressed intentions to return to the contest to be held in Belgrade, but again withdrew because lack of sponsors. Once more in 2010 RTL again, expressed their intentions to return to the contest but they finally withdrew, Back in 2011 during the confirmation season for the 2012 contest, there were rumors that RTL would return but later, shortly before the Participants list was revealed, RTL said that that was completely false.

Actually, 39 years ago today, Luxembourg complete back to back wins, first in 1972 when Vicky Leandros and ‘Apres Toi’ won in the UK, and then in 1973 (what we are commemorating today) Anne Marie David and ‘Tu Te Reconnaitras’ in Luxembourg

Here’s the last entry from Luxembourg: Modern Times – ‘Donne-moi une chance’

So, Let’s discuss: Nowadays, Eurovision needs Luxembourg? As a micro state would Luxembourg qualify to the grand final? Where Luxembourg’s last entries robbed?

Tomorrow we will talk about Morocco, who has only taken part once


9 comments on “Inactive Countries: Luxembourg!

  1. Commemorating the countries we have lost is a very good idea. 🙂

    I really love the early entries from Luxemburg and this shows on my Luxemburg in ESC list too:

    1. 1965
    2. 1956 (‘ne crois pas’)
    3. 1961

    4. 1979

    After 1980, Luxemburg’s entries became worse and worse imo, and that vedict includes the 1983 winner too. Out of their later songs I only like 1988.

    I hope that they will return soon …

  2. I’m in 15, I’ve never seen the entry of Luxembourg in Eurovision. But I hope that, I will see him in 2013 in the contest.

    • Alex, ESC has a rich history. I don’t have my computer with me atm, but there are sites where you can listen to the songs. You can get to know this great show, whenever you feel like doing so. Take your time. 🙂

    • Yes there’s even a youtube channel which has the full eurovisions from 1956 to 2003 🙂 or you just can look for recap or entries, for example, I knew eurovision in january 2010 and I saw a lot of videos and now I know a lot of eurovision

  3. I was sorry when Luxembourg departed, as I had liked quite a few of their entries, I agree that they became very weak in the later years though. My favourite entries from Luxembourg are:

    1965 Poupée de cire, poupée de son
    1967 L’amour est bleu
    1972 Après toi
    1973 Tu te reconnaîtras
    1979 J’ai déjà vu ça dans tes yeux (even though it was stolen)
    1988 Croire

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