UK: ‘Love Will Set You Free’ to be released on May 6th!

The British entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will be available on stores and digital format on Sunday 6 May, according to the BBC.

This is the first time in recent years that a British entry will go to download before contest, with recent songs tending to go on sale the week before, or sometimes even the day after the Eurovision.

In other news, the BBC have also reported that thisy ear’s entry will be BBC Radio 2′s “Record of the week” for the week commencing 9 April. Ken Bruce, who is also the Radio 2 commentator on Eurovision, has been playing the song frequently on his show since its release last month.

Let’s hope that Engelbert achieves the result he deserves! Good luck UK!


5 comments on “UK: ‘Love Will Set You Free’ to be released on May 6th!

  1. Can I be honest? It’s not to hurt someone, but even before the song was known as the official song for the UK, I don’t like it AT ALL! I don’t feel the song, I don’t understand it! It has a good message by the lyrics, but I can’t handle the melody!! Sorry but it’s my opinion….. 😉

  2. It is a nice and gentle ballad with a very fine orchestration (I love the guitar intro) … until key change, crescendo and screaming set in and totally destroy the atmosphere the song has built in the first two minutes. One of the most overrated songs this year imo but I still hope that they will somehow improve the last minute of the song …

  3. How many of you guys think that for example famous artists or groups should go to the ESC?? For example in UK Adele, 1D, U2….

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