Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 4 & Heat 5!

Hello readers! I’m glad to announce that the Heat 4 poll is closed and that we have a qualifier for the Quarter finals, Here are the results:

3rd place with 17 points: Azerbaijan

2nd place with 19 points: Serbia

1st place with 64 points: Iceland! Greta & Jonsi qualify! Good Luck!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 5!

In this heat the contenders will be: Macedonia, Finland and Slovakia!

Well I think that in this heat it will be easier to choose but anyway here are the videos! Think clear

Macedonia: Kaliopi – ‘Crno I Belo’ (Black & White)

Finland: Pernilla Karlsson – ‘När Jag Blundar’ (When I Close my Eyes)

Slovakia: Max Jason Mai – ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

Here’s the poll for casting your vote, you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in two days with the result!



9 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 4 & Heat 5!

  1. Another very tight heat … but of course only between Finland and Macedonia. I have Kaliopi in 10th and Pernilla in 11th place and thus my vote goes to ‘Crno i belo’.

  2. Finland of course!Fyrom could be equally good if the 2nd part ( pretentious rock one ) was dumped…Slovakia is out of question AGAIN !

  3. Iceland is so overrated, its such a clear fanwank, if it does well in ESC, then ESC is to quite, then that festival is really HORRIBLE! I hope Joksimovic won’t be this far behind Iceland because his song is better, but is still very weak and old fashioned! Hmm..but ESC is old fashioned very much…all who like modern music (majority) are laughing to it! In the USA I bet ppl will laugh to 99% of songs from ESC! LOL 😀 Quite embarrassing! :/

  4. And good thing is that from the Nordic block we have clear favorite to win ESC this year, so Iceland will loose some points!

  5. And that’s Loreen of course! If Loreen looses to Iceland in Baku, then I will stop watching ESC 100% because that will be to laugh like crazy and to die of embarrassment tahti even lost 3 hours of my life to watch festival where Iceland beats Loreen! :/

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