Inactive Countries: Czech Republic!

Now that Eurovision is so close, let’s talk about the ‘inactive’ countries.

The Czech Republic is the least successful country in the Eurovision, Czech Republic has only taken part in 3 editions of Eurovision, none of them successfull. First, when they debuted, they sent the rock band ‘Kabát’ with ‘Mala Dama’ and they came last with only 1 point. Then they sent Teresa Kerndlová with ‘Have Some Fun’ she achieved the best result for the Czechs, second to last with 9 points. Next they sent the band ‘’ who sang ‘Aven Romale’ and came last again with no points.

So after disappointing results, the Czech public showed no interest in the Eurovision, and Česka Televisie decided to withdraw from the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and has never returned since. When ČT withdrew, they said that they would return if the Eurovision makes a fundamental change, but maybe that’s not the problem maybe the entries they have sent are under the average of the Eurovision. Also the spokerperson of ČT Ladislav Stichy said : “Our audience hasn’t taken the Eurovision Song Contest very well. Furthermore  the press was very critical about it. If there were fundamental changes in the contest, we would consider coming back.”

Unfortunately, Central Europe is the least successful region in the Eurovision, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have all withdrawn due to poor results, Maybe if Hungary, Poland or Slovakia wins the Eurovision, the Czech Republic would return, like Austria did in 2011, after Germany won.

Maybe, the songs sent by Czech Republic are not that bad, maybe they were underrated.

Judge yourself:

2007 Kábat – Mala Dama ‘Little Lady’

2008  Teresa Kerndlová – Have Some Fun

2009 – Avem Romale ‘Let’s go Romanies’

Tomorrow we will talk about Luxembourg!


17 comments on “Inactive Countries: Czech Republic!

  1. Personally, I love ‘Mala dama’ I have it on my iTunes playlist with around 150 plays, I know it by heart (whithout knowing what does it mean) and I thought it was REALLY underrated, but then, I listened to the live version, the lead singer didn’t sang really well but still, it was underrated. Czech Republic, I would love to see you in Eurovision again!

  2. I liked the Czech Republic in 2007 and 2009 and think that they deserved to qualify in both years. On the other hand, their 2008 entry is in my all-time bottom 10.

    It would be great to see the Czech Rep. return to ESC but I still miss Andorra most … but Andorra will probably never come back. 😦

  3. The only Czech entry I like is in 2009. They were my 19th for that year, and they definitely deserved to qualify. Frankly, it was a fun and polished presentation for the song that came off kinda amateurish because of the costume. I still love the part where the violist pretty-much attacks the singer while playing.

  4. Well… This is my point of view: I think that the 2008 and 2009 song are pretty good (specially the 2009 entry), but I still need to listen to the 2007 entry a couple of times to at least feel the song! But this is only one person’s point of view!

    I also think that Czech Republic was completely underrated and that it deserves a better position (not for winning) but at least in the top 20 or 15, so at least they could think “well… we have a possibility to going up of position and maybe one year win!.

    @ALEX RAMGIMOV_AZERBAIJAN: Well…. maybe they have to see that people from their zone win more often; For Poland they would like to see that for example Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus or Ukraine win the ESC, the same as Andorra with Spain (just one win in 1968 and if we count the four-countries tie well 1969) or France (we have to go back to Paris 1978), and also Luxembourg with France or Belgium (I don’t know why they don’t participated in Dusseldorf 2010)…. It’s a matter of neighbors….

    I also hope that Liechtenstein debuts in “x” 2013!!

    @Togravus: I also miss Andorra… Well, I am from Spain and (I know it’s for that) since Andorra withdrew from the contest, we haven’t got as many votes as in the past years… Sometimes ESC is a bit political…. but anyway, I think that with the spanish Pastora’s Quedate Conmigo we have a good position, maybe Andorra will consider entering ESC again!!

    (Sorry for the large message… I like explaining!!) hehehehhee 🙂

    • I prefer longer comments anyway because I think that it is much more interesting to read comments with explanations than the silly “GO country XY” stuff so common on ESC fan sites.

  5. I didn’t like any of their entries, but I agree that there is a problem. Some countries can get high placings with very mediocre songs, that clearly don’t have broad appeal, instead they just get lots of points from the same sources year after year. So much of the voting is non objective, that it is harder then ever for those who don’t have much guaranteed support to break through. The televoting is less objective overall, but some of the juries are just as bad. Typically we see a few of the same countries in the top half over and over again and everyone else scrambling for the rest of the upper places. The chances of any country that doesn’t have a lot of guaranteed votes staying in the top half for more than a couple of consecutive years are slim indeed.

    If Slovakia misses the final again (and I’m expecting them to), will they continue to participate? Will Poland come back? Will Austria disappear again? I’m disappointed that Monaco and especially Andorra have left for what looks like longterm, Andorra should have made the final more than once IMO.

      • Yes, Andorra should at least have made the final in 2005 and 2007. 2006 (in the weakest contest ever) and 2008 would have deserved the final too imho.

      • I know!! The song I like the best is the 2007 “salvem al món”!! The chorus is always in english!! And the 2008 “Casanova” is all in english but a sentence!! C’mon Eurovision, in 2008 Andorra made it totally to the Grand Final and you know it!! I like to the 2004, 2005 and 2009!! The only one that I (personally) don’t like is the 2006 “sense tu”… It doesn’t let me feel the song… hehehe!! But for the rest they could go to the final!! Is that Andorra is a small (indeed very small) country and people think that it’s just a complement of the show, but bigger, more important (but with not so good songs) countries go normally!! It’s unfair!!

      • Yes Monaco 2005 should have done much better, quite shocking that it came second last in the semifinal with just 22 points.

  6. It was completely unfair… They should have gone to the final…. Personally, I like much better the early years’ voting, because since the public can vote, neighbor countries vote each other and the countries which don’t have much neighbors (monaco = france or andorra = france, spain or portugal = spain) they don’t get as much points as they want to!!

  7. I liked their 2009 entry and don’t think it warranted coming last with nul points but their 2008 entry was an absolute horror, the biggest load of drivel and performed dreadfully by a performer who was very arrogant about her abilities to say the least. I’d like to think the Czech Republic will have a rethink though and come back sooner rather than later.

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