Introducing 2012: Cyprus!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Ivi Adamou

Eighteen year old Ivi Adamou, started her career at 16 emerging from X Factor 2 in Greece, where she got the opportunity to show her vocal potential and her powerful character to a greater extent.
She started taking music lessons at a very early age. Music theory, vocal lessons and piano.

Soon after the talent show she signed releasing her debut Gold album Kalokeri Stin Kardia and the first single A*G*A*P*I. Two more hit singles followed from the debut album: Sose Me and To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis.

She also had the number one summer hit of the year 2010 with her guest performance in the song San Erthi I Mera, by the most popular Greek hip-hop act, Stavento.

After her appearance on the Mad Video Music Awards 2010 with the band OtherView the word was out….a new star is born!

The EP Christmas with Ivi was released in December of 2010 in Greece and also was certified Gold.

Entry: ‘La La Love’

CyBC chose the Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou to represent the nation in the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, the singer will sing the song La La Love, that was chosen through a national final, it is composed and written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupstrom, Alexandra Zakka and Viktor Svensson.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Danish entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


4 comments on “Introducing 2012: Cyprus!

  1. Well, it had to happen at some point, I guess. Cyprus sends the first song I do not like since 2003. Because I was very disappointed indeed, I sent Ivi and her song straight to the bin after the Cypriot national final but I have upgraded ‘La La Love’ a bit since and it has finally made it out of the hateful monstrosities section on my list. It is still a generic shake it! song with weak lyrics but I can at least listen to it until the end without it getting terribly on my nerves like f. e. Greece 2012 does. Finally, the video is a total disaster in my opinion, the failing counterpart to Iceland. All that dark imagery doesn’t reflect the song’s mood at all and where exactly does Snow White come in? For now and without any live material to judge … 4/12 and 31st place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. Pretty awful entry from Cyprus this year, very much the trashy type of Eurovision songs that I don’t like. Big disappointment from a country whose entries that I often like so much.

  3. This is a pointless contraption if I may say so. The melody is unappealing, the orchestration is disagreeable and Ivi’s stage presence is nonexistent. How will she fare live? My expectations are very low. Oh, there will be half naked dancers and backing singers to help her along, I’m sure. Good luck.

  4. bir gidinlan ibne kız ne iyi şarkı söyledi kızı desteklewyin yoksa sizi döverim bundan daha iyi simi var ibneler sizi şimdi neyse siz kaşlındınız …………..

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