Hungary: Compact Disco release unique remix pack!

Compact Disco, the band representing Hungary in Baku, have exploited the fact that they have one of the most radio-friendly songs in this year’s competition even further: They initiated a cooperation with some of the most famous Hungarian musicians, leading to a pack of seven unique remixes. Don’t miss the chance to listen to them!

The seven remixes go by colourful names: Midnight Run Remix, Analog Cuvée Remix, Karmatronic Radio Remix, Lauer and Canard feat. Greg Note Remix, Monoscope Remix, Nobody Moves Remix, and a Stereo Palma Remix.

Encompassing various musical styles, ranging from dubstep to folk, the remixes are definitely worth a listen. You can check them out on

This week, the members of Compact Disco will also meet the Azerbaijani Eurovision representative, Sabina Babayeva, in Budapest.



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