Spain: Pastora to be joined by 5 backing singers!

In Baku, the spanish entrant Pastora Soler will be joined by 5 backing singers, that was revealed yesterday by the Spanish public broadcaster Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), another highlight is that the choreographer was also revealed

These are the backing singers:

  • Rebecca Rodz (mezzoprano)
  • Mey Green (soprano)
  • Sheila Blanco (soprano)
  • Antonio Tomás Sepulveda (tenor)
  • Miguel Antelo (tenor)

And the choreographer is Francis Viñolo, who is Pastora’s husband

All of this backing singers were carefully selected, Rebecca Rodz has experience in Eurovision already, being the one of the Backing singers of D’NASH in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Helsinki, she also collaborated with Daniel Diges who represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

The rest of the backing singers have a lot of experience in Television and Singing which makes them able to participate in the Eurovision.

Here’s the spanish delegation of this year:

Left to right: Antonio Tomás Sepúlveda, Rebeca Rodz, Miguel Antelo, Pastora Soler, Mey Green, Francis Viñolo, Sheila Blanco.


3 comments on “Spain: Pastora to be joined by 5 backing singers!

  1. All of them mezzo-sopranos, sopranos and tenors! WOW!!! This will be interesting!!


  2. Come on Pastora , she in live go to be the best , and with this profesionals around , this year YES , top 5

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