Eurovision Battle: Heat 3 results and Heat 4!

Hello again readers! I’m glad to announce that the Heat 3 poll is Closed, and that we have the results and we are ready to announce them. First I’d like to thank all the voters, we achieved a record of votes they were 112 in total, but well let’s get to the business

3rd place with 4 points: Estonia

2nd place with 53 points: Croatia

1st place with 55 points: Italy! Nina qualifies! Now we can confirm that Nina Zilly is not Silly!

Now let’s go to Heat 4:

In this heat the contenders will be Azerbaijan, Serbia and Iceland! This will be a huge fight because all of them are really good songs!

In this heat, I know that it’s hard to decide, this videos may help you to make your desicion!

Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva – ‘When The Music Dies’

Serbia: Zeljko Joksimovic – ‘Nije Ljubav Stvar’

Iceland: Greta Salomé and Jonsi – ‘Never Forget’

Here’s the poll for cast your vote! As it is a competition you can vote as many times as you wish! See you in 2 days with the results!


7 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Heat 3 results and Heat 4!

  1. Only 4 pts for ‘Kuula’? I should have voted for Estonia instead of Croatia. LOL

    And now we have another set of three strong songs but my vote goes to Iceland without a second thought.

  2. 1. ICELAND (Icelandic version was better, but it’s too OK)
    2. AZERBAIJAN (most beautiful ballad from my country, at least not boring)
    3. SERBIA (beautiful balkan ballad)

  3. I’m one of the 4 guys that voted for Estonia 😛 . Didn’t expect Croatia to score THAT high…I mean “Nebo” is not an instant catcher-it needs some more time to appreciate it ( that’s why I think that results are not going to be so encouraging for Nina in May… ).
    Heat 4 : Voting for ICELAND OF COURSE ! Zeljko is disappointing this time ( his weakest esc entry to date ) and I am boycotting AZE for sending a weak ballad produced in Sweden and sung in English once again…

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