Azerbaijan: Sabina goes touring!

The Azerbaijani representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Sabina Babayeva, is ready to visit her first European promo events. She starts with Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The first stop on the singer’s tour is Hungary.  On April 6-7th, Sabina will visit Budapest to take part in a youth student forum.  She will also meet the Hungarian entry, the band Compact Disco, who will perform Sound Of Our Hearts at Eurovision 2012.  You will also be able to spot her on a few TV shows in Hungary during these days.

After that, on April 21st, the Azerbaijani beauty will perform during one of the biggest Eurovision promo events in the Netherlands–the 4th Eurovision in Concert.  This year’s Amsterdam party gathers together on one stage, more than 20 participants for Eurovision 2012.

Also, Sabina plans to drop in on the London Eurovision Party on April 29th.  At the 5th anniversary of the event in the United Kingdom, Sabina will perform her entry , the soulful and touching ballad, When the Music Dies.

Sabina feels inspired to meet her fans in Europe and to have another amazing opportunity to invite everybody to her homeland, Azerbaijan, for the Eurovision Song Contest!


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