Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 2 & Heat 3!

Hello again, we are glad to say that the poll is closed, you can’t vote anymore, and we have the results from heat 2!

Here they are:

3rd place with 2 points: Germany

2nd place with 13 points: Greece

1st place with 32 points: Slovenia! Eva qualifies for the quarter-finals!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 3:

In this heat, the contenders will be: Italy, Estonia & Croatia!

If you haven’t made you decision of which one is your favorite, take a look to this videos!

Italy: Nina Zilly – L’amore é Femmina (Out of Love)

Estonia: Ott Lepland – Kuula (Listen)

Croatia: Nina Badric – Nebo (Heaven)

You can vote here! Don’t forget that you can vote as many times as you want! See you in 2 days with the results!


14 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 2 & Heat 3!

  1. That’s a very cloes one because the songs are in 6th, 7th and 8th place on my list with 10/12. Although I rank Italy in 6th place, my vote goes to Nina because hardly anyone else will vote for her. 😦

  2. This is the first heat that has made me think twice before voting. I like all 3 songs. My favourites are Italy and Estonia. I went for ‘Kuula’, because the Italian song lost some of its original shine in the bilingual version.

  3. Italy has lost some significant ground since they dumbed “Per sempre” and decided to sing in a language that was supposed to sound like English? and Croatia has disappointed me with the new version.So , I will go for Estonia which was love on first hearing and it’s in native language ! Go Eesti !
    PS : This heat has been the most competitive so far … ! It’s kinda unfair 😛

  4. My first comment on this site! Croatia is my first choice, it’s among my favourites this year. Estonia is OK too, but after the wonderful ‘Per sempre, i’m disappointed with the Italian entry.

    • Hi Daniel! This blog is still a baby. It is only a few days old and hasn’t been ruined by the silly / nasty crowd yet. I hope that it will stay like this.

      • Hi Toggie, it’s good to see some friendly faces. Yes I hope this site doesn’t get ruined. I noticed that they have deleted the whole article about Iceland on esctoday.

      • Daniel, they must have noticed that had created a precedent. I bet that their favourite songs would get long articles featuring colourful adjectives. They are probably trying to come up with a better article. It’s sort of raining here and I have to deal with tons of paperwork.

  5. @ Daniel, yes, esctoday has become a total mess. The site is biased, sloppy and unprofessional these days. Oh my, I have to do my taxes for 2010 and 2011 today and probably won’t leave my desk until midnight. Well, I will have a quick dinner while watching the main news, I guess.

  6. Hi Shevek, esctoday has gone down the pan and I am bored with being endlessly attacked by some people. Sunny here today, but just 10 degrees, it was almost like summer a few days ago. We need rain though, we are oifficially in a drought and my garden is so dry.

    • Same here, including the garden. We haven’t had a drop of rain for a month and enjoyed summer with temperatures between 20 and 26 degrees for two weeks. Today it is cold (10 degrees) and sunny here in Stuttgart too. But in the sun on my roof terrace it is almost 20 degrees. I want to go out there with a novel! GRRRRR … paperwork. 😦

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