Azerbaijan: Crystal Hall may suffer structural damage! UPDATED

Yesterday the Baku Crystal Hall was tested by structural safety inspectors. Isaac Bickerstaff who directed the latest inspections said “I fear 23,000 fans is a far too high a number to enter the structure in May… so many fans together really could raise the roof.” More information is yet to be announced, let’s pray that Crystall Hall is okay so there are no problems. If Baku Crystal Hall fails the safety test, and there’s no possible to finish it in time, the most probable is that the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium may be used as venue.

UPDATE: It has been published that Crystal Hall wont suffer structural damage on May, because it’s advancing so much that the structure is becoming stronger and stronger, but of course it will be tested again, later.

What do you think, with this issue Crystal Hall will be ready on time?


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