Introducing 2012: Belgium!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Iris

A young lady with youthful enthusiasm, a fresh look and a beautiful voice. 17 year old Iris will represent Belgium in Baku with her song Would You?

After Sandra Kim (who won with J’aime la vie in ’86, when was just 13), Iris is the youngest ever Belgian Eurovision Song Contest candidate. This spontaneous flower from Noorderwijk (Herentals) is only 17, but is all set to give Europe an unforgettable performance.

Iris was clearly bitten by the music bug when she was just a child. She skipped her way through her childhood, singing and dancing. She joined her local school choir. She sang a few local gigs and then, suddenly, she was ‘spotted’ in 2010 at a talent competition, jointly organised by Flemish teen magazine ‘Joepie’ and ‘Sonic Angel’ (the record company behind Tom Dice, who came 6th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with Me and my guitar). Iris won herself a record deal and soon afterwards released her first hit single Wonderful.

Entry: ‘Would you?’

As Iris was selected internally, Would you? was selected through a national final on March 17th. The song was composed and penned by: Nina Sampermans, Jean Bosco Safari, Walter Mannaerts

Tomorrow we will introduce the Finnish entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


3 comments on “Introducing 2012: Belgium!

  1. Listening to Belgium 2012 is a weird experience every time I do it. I really enjoy the first 70 seconds and the piano intro in particular, but when the drums set in, “Would You” goes downhill with a determination that is rather scary in my opinion. The song builds and builds, but not in a pleasant way and becomes more and more banal as it plods along to nowhere (In fact, the structure of Belgium 2012 is very similar to Morgane’s ‘Nous, on veut des violons’, which represented Belgium in 1992). When all the generic orchestration is over again, I return to enjoy mode for the last ten seconds of the song and can try to forget about everything lying inbetween. Finally, Iris is a good singer with a nice voice but she should work on her stage presence. As I have said before, she might consider calling Filipa Azevedo in order to learn how to sell what is little more than just another ballad in a charming way. The lyrics are perfectly fine for this kind of girlie pop tune imo. 5/12 and 30th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. It’s the oddest thing. I can recognize that, objectively, she has a fine voice, but I cringe when I listen to this song. Something doesn’t mesh quite right, and because of that, I really don’t like Belgium’s song this year. Currently, she ranks in my 36th position and 14th in her semi-final.

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