Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 1 & Heat 2!

As you remember, here we are doing a little Competition that is called ‘Eurovision Battle’  and in the first heat Moldova, Albania and Romania opened the competition, but right now the poll is closed and we are glad to announce the results:

Third place: Moldova with 8 pints

Second place: Romania with 18 points

First place: Albania with 26 points! Rona qualifies to the quarter finals!

Now let’s proceed with Heat 2!

In heat to the contenders will be: Slovenia, Greece and Germany!

If you haven’t made your decision take a look on the preview videos! 😀




You can vote here! As it is a competition, you can vote as many times as you wish for the country you want! See you in two days with the results!


8 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Results of Heat 1 & Heat 2!

  1. Both Slovenia and Germany are ok. Since Slovenia is a country I have supported only twice in the history of ESC (1997 & 2010), I will vote for Slovenia. 🙂

      • It was the opposite for me. I liked them in 2010, but I found 2011 so distasteful. At least I could laugh during ten. All I could think during 2011 was that the song was bland and her singing too much. Also, I could not unsee that dress (Just sayin’).

  2. @ Patrick, I only supported the female vocals and the accordion guy in 2010. 😉 And I agree on Maya’s outfit. Those porn boots were very ugly!

    • I must admit that you’ve pinpointed the best part of 2010 right there. 🙂 Yes, Maya’s dress was terrible enough, but pairing them with those boots just destroyed my wish to see why people liked the song. xD I just wanted to shout, “Get the prostitute of the stage! Bring on an act!”
      But… I’m rowdy during Eurovision week.

      • Well, I close my eyes during most ESC performances anyway because I can judge the live vocals (which are much more important than the visual aspects to me) better that way. And then I watch the live performences the day after the contest to come up with my final list, including the stage performance. I guess that I will make an exception for Albania this year because, as I have said, Albania 2012 is all about Rona performing her song live imo.

        Btw, I hated the Swedish choreography with the moving backings too (talking about Slovenia 11 again). They should have stayed put!

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