Bulgaria: Sofi launches her official website!

Sofi Marinova has launched here offcial website in order to promote her song ‘Love Unlimited’ but now she has something called ‘Love Unlimited Project’ which consist on tours, promotion, and of course the 2012 Eurovsion Song Contest

The web site will be updated with the latest news about the singer and her promo tour, there will be also information about the people who stay behind the project “Love Unlimited”.The site will include the most important moments in the Sofi Marinova’s professional career, captured on pictures & video. The first two versions of the site are in Bulgarian and English, but in the beginning of April there will be provided in other European languages like Serbian, Greek, Spanish and Russian.

You go to her site click here! when you enter there will appear a front page which says OBIZAM ME , if you click there you will go to the Bulgarian verson and if you click on I LOVE YOU you will go to the English version



3 comments on “Bulgaria: Sofi launches her official website!

  1. I like this crayesque song very much. I do not really know why. It’s not a masterpiece, but who cares? I certainly do not. I just like it a lot. She can deliver it live too; go, Sofi, the one who wants to be alone on stage!

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