Eurovision Battle 2012!

Hey! Let me introduce you this little game which is called ‘Eurovision Battle’

What is this?

Eurovision battle will consist of 4 rounds: Heats, Semi-finals, and Final, each of this will have several ‘battles’ that will consist on 3 countries in a poll competing for the most points, only 1 country can advance to the next round!

Take note:

  • As it is a competition, you can vote for your favorite as many times as you wish
  • Each Heat will last 2 DAYS open so hurry if your favorite is competing!
  • Results will be revealed shortly after the voting is closed
  • Enjoy this game, it ends shortly before the delegations arrive to Baku!
  • This draw was made by luck
  • Another draw for Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals will be held
  • There wont be a second chance round

We’ve just made the draw here are the results!

Heat 1: Romania vs. Albania vs. Moldova! *this heat will open the competition, it will start since today*

Heat 2: Greece vs. Slovenia vs Germany!

Heat 3: Italy vs. Estonia vs. Croatia!

Heat 4: Azerbaijan vs. Serbia vs. Iceland!

Heat 5: Macedonia vs. Finland vs. Slovakia!

Heat 6: Portugal vs. Belgium vs. Malta!

Heat 7: Netherlands vs. Lithuania vs. Austria!

Heat 8: Turkey vs. Ukraine vs. Hungary!

Heat 9: Spain vs. Norway vs. Sweden!

Heat 10:  Montenegro vs. San Marino vs. Georgia! *Huh? this will be interesting*

Heat 11: Israel vs. Belarus vs. Latvia!

Heat 12: Cyprus vs. Bulgaria vs. Russia!

Heat 13: United Kingdom vs. Switzerland vs. France!

Heat 14: Ireland vs. Denmark vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Let the Eurovision Battle begin!

Are you exited? Which is your favorite heat? Tell us below!


5 comments on “Eurovision Battle 2012!

  1. You are right. They are both pretty weak but I guess that I’d pick Sweden because I really detest Norway with a passion this year … 😉

  2. It’s my first comment here. I wish good luck to this place! 😉

    Heat 1: Moldova
    Heat 2: Slovenia
    Heat 3: Italy
    Heat 4: Iceland
    Heat 5: FYR Macedonia
    Heat 6: Portugal
    Heat 7: Lithuania
    Heat 8: Turkey
    Heat 9: Norway
    Heat 10: Georgia
    Heat 11: Belarus
    Heat 12: Bulgaria
    Heat 13: Switzerland

  3. Heat 1: Moldova
    Heat 2: Slovenia
    Heat 3: Croatia
    Heat 4: Iceland
    Heat 5: FYR Macedonia
    Heat 6: Portugal
    Heat 7: Lithuania
    Heat 8: Ukraine
    Heat 9: Spain
    Heat 10: San Marino
    Heat 11: Latvia
    Heat 12: Cyprus
    Heat 13: United Kingdom
    Heat 14: Bosnia & Herzegovina

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