Liechtenstein: Never ending story!

Liechtenstein…a small sovereign state located between Austria & Switzerland, Liechtenstein has a long history with the contest, has made several attempts to debut, but none of them has been successful, the first was in 1969 when they picked an entry and an entrant, but was rejected for two reasons, the principality didn’t had a national-based broadcaster, and the song was in French and in that time there was a language rule ‘Every country must sing in its own language’.

Later in 2010 (to enter to the 2011 contest), now with a broadcaster, 1FLTV they sent a request to the EBU to become a full active member, and enter to the contest, but in an EBU summit it was rejected.

Then in 2011 (to enter to the 2012 contest), it was revealed that there was an EBU document that said that 1FLTV was a full member, but later it was said that it was an editing error.

Possible debut entry of Liechtenstein to the Eurovision, Vetty – Un Beau Matin


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