Introducing 2012: Greece!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Eletftheria Eleftheriou

Eleftheria Eleftheriou was born on the 12th of May 1989, in Paralimni, Cyprus. Since childhood she had a great passion with music. Her one and only dream was to become a singer. In addition she loves also painting, dancing and playing sports.

In her school years she took piano and music theory lessons.At the age of 15 she started phonetic lessons. At the age of 16, she became soloist in the national folk orchestra of RIK broadcasting corporation, in Cyprus. She participated also in various music contests. When she graduated from high school, she started her Music and Performance studies, in the University of Surrey in London.

She became popular from her participation in the talent show X-Factor 2, in 2010, where although she was not the winner, she definitely made a great impression to everyone. Right after the show, she collaborated with Sakis Rouvas, singing together in his live performances. The same year she started singing with one of the famous Greek singers, Nikos Vertis. Together, they also toured abroad, in Europe and Australia.

Entry: Aphrodisiac 

The song ‘Aphrodiciac’ is among the favorites this year, the song was composed & penned by Dimitris Stassos, Mikaela Sterntröm and Dajana Lööf.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Latvian entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


3 comments on “Introducing 2012: Greece!

  1. Good luck with your blog!

    It is very difficult to find words to describe Greece 2012 … or is it rather that it can be described in one word only? Copy! All aspects of this entry (composition, lyrics, performance, styling) are copies of what feels like at least 100 ESC entries of the last ten years, and unfortunately, they did not even decide to copy any good ones, with the exception of Greece 2005 perhaps. This is pretty much what people who are not into ESC think of when you mention the contest here in Germany, a pretty girl performing a trashy ethno pop song amidst a handful of hot guys, all jumping around onstage. This is as dull and catchy as ESC can get and the lyrics are as intelligent as three meters of a farm lane (to borrow a German expression). Well, it bores me (almost) to death but I tap along for the first 90 seconds at least. 2/12 and 39th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

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